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    Added on 14 July

    How to Give Your Home Office a Cozy Design?

    14 July

    Working from home can be a great blessing. It has a lot of perks: you get to save a ton of time and money on commuting, your workday gets more flexiblein general, and last but not least, you alone are responsible for the look of yourown workspace. And while this last one might not seem like a big deal at first glance, it has a bigger significance than you might expect.

    We spend the majority of our waking hours in our workspaces. Spending so much time in an uninspiring space is bound to drain you of energy and make you feel depressed. On the other hand, a well-designed space will help you focus, feel motivated and keep your spirits high. When you’re working at a corporate office, you have little freedom about the details of your workspace. However, at home, you have all the power to shape your home office into a cozy space that will make it a joy to spend time in it. Here are a few tips that will help you give your home office a cozy design.

    Choose the right location

    The first piece of advice might not strictly have to do with design, but it’s the first essential step in creating a cozy workspace and if you fail to do it right, you might have difficulties down the line. Picking the right room or corner for your home office is the foundation of creating a functional and comfortable space. If you have ever tried to work from your dining table or, God forbid, your bed, you already know that this is not the most productive way of approaching things. Ideally, you should designate a specific room for this purpose to make sure you will be safe from distractions. It should not be a room that is in the middle of the house and gets a lot of foot traffic – you don’t want to be interrupted while working. However, you shouldn’t shove your workspace into a windowless closet either. Pick a location that is private enough but still has ample space and light to feel pleasant.

    Add a reliable desk

    Going back to the topic of working from your dining table once again, another problem with this setup is that it simply does not provide you with enough workspace (not to mention mess is inevitable when you constantly need to move your stuff.) Needless to say,a spacious desk is one of those “musts” that every WFH office needs. A desk of appropriate size will allow you to neatly organize your supplies, and if it has ample room, you can even add some plants or decoration to it without cluttering the space, making it that much more inviting.

    Get a rug

    What evokes the feeling of coziness if not fluffy rugs? Don’t leave the floors of your home office bare. Whether you have hardwood, vinyl, stone, or carpet flooring, adding a rug will not only improve the comfort levels but will also instantly bring in some much-needed warmth. If you’re more about function than form, you can also think about practical mats that protect your floor from the wheels of your office chair. Alternatively, if you prefer working while standing up, an anti-fatigue mat can be useful. Rugs are also great tools for dividing larger spaces. If your home office does not have its designated room, you can define the space with a large area rug, but you can also create separate areas for different purposes within your home office in the same manner.

    Don’t leave the walls bare

    You might be focused on keeping your home office design as minimalistic as possible. While some people do thrive in such spaces, for the rest of them, such rooms feel empty and depressing. Even if you don’t banish all décor and distraction, you can still keep the space tidy and minimalistic. You cannot expect a bare white wall to feel cozy, so decorating it in one of the many possible ways should be on your to-do list. From painting it to an inspiring color you love through installing shelves all the way to adding some motivational wall art, there are a lot of possibilities.

    Introduce some greenery

    When it comes to interior design, we simply cannot skip the topic of plants. Houseplants are a useful and attractive addition to any room, and they should find their way into your home office, too. Greenery instantly makes a space more relaxing. People love spending time in nature for this reason. You will be able to feel happy and comfortable in a space where plants are thriving, so put plant shopping on your to-do list. Make sure you’re aware of the amount of light your home office gets and pick plants accordingly. In addition, you can further boost the positive effect of nature on your ability to focus in your workspace by orienting your desk towards a window that has a good view. If that is not possible, you can also decorate your wall with photos depicting nature to mimic this effect.

    Pick accessories that inspire you

    Your home office is a space that you’re going to spend a lot of time in. You want to fill it with things that inspire you and fill you with positive emotions immediately. Trendy accessories are attractive, but make sure they are actually meaningful to you. After all, filling your space with items that remind you of something pleasant is a great way to make yourself feel comfortable and cozy. Do you have a fun mug with a message that you’ve always loved and that gives you motivation? Use it as your office mug! Did you receive a unique flowerpot as a gift from a friend? Make sure it’s there on your shelf.

    Prioritize comfort

    One of the greatest perks of working from home is that you can be as comfortable as you want. Therefore, don’t shy away from prioritizing comfort in your home office, since this will give it an extra dose of coziness. Above all, your office chair should be a comfortable one that provides ample support for your back. Pick out a quality chair and you will be grateful to yourself years down the line. Moreover, you can use cozy fabrics throughout the space. Adding a comfy throw blanket to your office chair that you can wrap around your waist when you feel cold is a privilege home offices offer, and there is no reason why you should pass up on it.

    Create a meeting space

    If the kind of work you do involves occasional meetings with clients, you’re going to need an appropriate space to sit down with them. This is an even more critical issue in the case of home offices since you cannot just lead them into your kitchen and keepyour professional image. Therefore, when designing your office, make sure you designate an area to be a meeting space. This meeting space can easily double as a “break area,” so it’s a useful addition even if you don’t have guests that often. Add a small couch, a coffee table, and a chair or two. Slip a rug underneath and bring in some decoration, and you already have a meeting corner. If you manage to squeeze in a mini-fridge for refreshments, it’s even better.

    Make it playful

    Keeping the design strictly professional is simply not necessary. Even progressive corporations today design their offices with a hint of modernity and playfulness to create a laid-back culture. Bringing some playfulness into your own home office will also make it a cozy space that exudes positive energy. So, don’t be afraid of adding a splash of color. You can even do that through fun and comfortable furniture additions. Browse sites like Bean Bags R Us for colorful ottomans that will be perfect for your break area.

    Tidy up

    There are few things that can ruin the harmony in a space more than clutter. No matter the purpose of your home office, it’s paramount that you keep it tidy and organized. The presence of mess and clutter makes it impossible to feel relaxed in a space, and this is even more critical when talking about workspaces where being able to focus properly is paramount. So, don’t let paper mountains ruin the cozy vibe and instead, add extra storage. Keep wires out of sight and place organizers as needed.

    Keep it homey

    Finally, you don’t have to disregard the fact that this is your home. As already mentioned, keeping it strictly professional might make the space feel cold, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. So, don’t feel like you have to strictly stick to office accessories and furniture. Mixing in old items from your home will not only help you blend the two spaces better together but will also make you feel cozy and at home in your home office.

    An inviting home office can completely transform your everyday work experience for the better. Create a space where you’ll be happy to spend time in and your motivation will soar.

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