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    Added on 18 June 2021

    5 Top Tips For Creating A Home Office In A Small Space

    18 June 2021

    It seems like home working is here to stay for some time yet and, whilst you might have had some mishaps in the early days of WFH (family interruptions on work calls, messy backgrounds etc) this is a positive thing! Working from home means no commuting, more time spent with loved ones and having control over your working environment. However, if you’re yet to find a proper space to call work at home, the prospect of working from home for the foreseeable future might look a lot less positive.

    However, it is possible to create a dedicated work space in any home, no matter the space. You just need to reimagine certain aspects and come up with innovative solutions to carving out the space you need and creating an inspiring and motivating work environment. The possibilities are huge when it comes to creating a home office in a small space, so here are some top tips.

    Find The Right Space

    Easier said than done, but you don’t want to set up your workspace in the busy areas of your home. Try to choose a space which isn’t where people congregate and avoid natural walkways in the home, such as in the hallways or in between the kitchen and other rooms of the house.

    This might mean you need to think of the unexpected when it comes to finding a workspace, such as converting your garage into a chic home office or maximizing small nooks and cupboards around the home - it’s time to get creative! Consider using room dividers or light cotton curtains to create different zones in your room, or declutter that cupboard in the dining room and use the space to add a fold out desk.

    Choose The Right Colour Scheme

    In contrast to working in the office, creating your own home office workspace means that you get control over the colour scheme. You want to make the space feel like your own, so use colours that you associate with calm and happiness to encourage creativity and cohesiveness.

    Chaotic or plain work spaces can slow down your productivity and unknowingly impact your concentration levels. Decorating small spaces doesn’t need to be expensive, a few tester paint pots can be all you need! If you’ve got a small workspace in a quiet room of your home, then why not create a colourful painted arch where your desk is, or create a bright feature wall?

    Add Some Personality

    Even in a small workspace, it's important to add splashes of your personality where you can. Add some vibrant colours to the space around your workspace with wall art prints, use potted plants to create texture and nature to your desk or some floating shelves above your desk space with photos, fun ornaments or flowers. It’s important to create a space that reflects you and your personality when it comes to home working spaces, so that you’re creating a flow between your home and your workspace.

    Your workspace doesn’t need to blend in with the rest of your interior decor, it can be something completely different and unique so that it feels as though you’re working somewhere other than your home, but do try and add some splashes of personality.

    Windows and Sunlight

    Now that summer is finally here, make the most of any spaces in your home where there is access to sunlight. Sunlight increases your body’s vitamin d levels, which has direct links to happiness levels and can help your body maintain its natural circadian rhythm, which helps to keep you feeling awake. If you work in a space with direct sunlight, you might also notice that you’re falling asleep easier at night and waking up feeling refreshed.

    If you don’t have somewhere in the home you can make into your new workspace which has direct sunlight, then consider taking lunchtime walks, take vitamin d supplements and add some potted plants to your space to oxygenate your space.

    Maximise Your Furniture Choices

    Too much furniture can make a small workspace feel even more cluttered and cramped. When you’re creating a home office in a small space, try to avoid the standard cluttered feel and instead, streamline your furniture choices to add some much-needed space. Avoid bulky chairs and chunky desks and instead, opt for ideas such as compact desks, floating shelves that double up as a workspace and thin, elegant chairs.

    One thing to remember is that this is still a space where you’ll likely be sitting for hours on end, so it needs to be comfortable. Make sure that your desk is at the right height and your chair provides ergonomic comfort if needed.

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