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    Added on 27 April 2021

    New Pool Fence Ideas that will Add Variety to Your Exterior

    27 April 2021

    We all love having a pool in a beautifully landscaped yard, but not having a fence can be quite a dangerous thing. Most people just opt for not having a fence because they don't know that it doesn't have to look attractive. If you are unsure of what fence options there are, here are some ideas that will add variety to your exterior.

    Temporary Fences

    If you have a child and you only want to temporarily block access to the pool for safety reasons, the best way to add both variety and safety is by installing a simple mesh fence. There are multiple styles that you can choose from to fit your yard aesthetic.

    Traditional Fencing

    If you are looking for something that is more permanent you should go for traditional fencing. There are a few routes you can take depending on what you like. There is options you can choose from.

    • Metal

    One of the most popular types of fencing for your pool is metal ones. That is because they are low maintenance and they are very durable. If you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing option that will go with your landscape you should go for a wrought-iron design, but if you want to have a more personalised look you should choose chain-link fences.

    • Wood

    For those who want to have a DIY project, wooden fences are the best way to go. The trickiest part with these kinds of fences is that you have to make sure that they comply with your local laws. Wood fencing is great because it comes in so many different styles that just about anyone can make it work for their yard. Not only that but wooden fencing is very durable and will last you a long time. The thing that sets it apart from others is that you can easily change the style of them if you get tired of how they look as you can always paint them a new colour.

    • Glass

    If you are looking for a more luxurious fence design, there is nothing better than going with glass fences. Even though it is really extensive it looks amazing and it is with every penny. Another thing to keep in mind about this project is that you cannot take it on by yourself, it needs to be done by a licenced professional. But if you want something such as glass fencing but your budget is not that big or you simply don't want to risk having glass around children you should look into getting acrylic sheets. Acrylic sheet is the best glass alternative and it is just as pretty and it comes in many different colours that can complement your yard landscape.

    • Vinyl

    Another great DIY fence option is vinyl fencing. It is the most low-maintenance fencing design option and it is the reason why it is so popular. Even though it is a bit pricier than a wooden fence, vinyl is more aesthetically pleasing and customisable. Vinyl is also the option that will last the longest.

    Before you commit to installing any type of fencing, make sure that you are following your local laws and regulations. But once you have your fence put up, make sure that you are checking it periodically to ensure that it is a safe environment.

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    Gabriel Hill is an Australian blogger interested in various spheres from technology to home improvement. Follow him on Twitter.

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