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    Added on 30 December 2020

    Add luxury to your room with Window Treatments and Outdoor Blinds

    30 December 2020

    You cannot dress your room fully without window treatments. From tailored and wide roman shades to voluminous, gorgeous and ultra-feminine taffeta curtains, window treatments style and materials showcase the fashion and spirit of any space.

    Window treatments can do much more beyond than produce some style statement. In addition to the privacy and shade, shade and curtain material assortments can dramatically change the mood and vibe of a room.

    For instance, extravagant drapery with lavish tassel trim produces a theatrical effect. Sheer curtains with open weaves bolster the breezy or soft informality.

    • Ball gown curtains are great for dressing up windows. You use blue-lapis taffeta curtains, edging and decking them with accordion ruffle pleats. The finish adds elegance to your room decor.
    • French pleat drapes are indeed dramatic. Considering their scale, drapes can become the epicenter of any room. Hence, rooms with ample space or high ceilings can entail the drapery and window treatment blend.
    • French pleat drapery enhances a space’s drama and femininity, while the panels in proximity to the ceiling draws your attention, creating an illusion of altitude.

    Exploring the treatments

    Vibrant and lively emerald green shades with malachite patterns can work wonders for your decor.  They can make a statement in your home. You can take an iron halo from an antique religious statue or sculpture, positioning it between the windows for extra visual clamor.

    • The grey and white curtains and custom window drapery can elevate and enhance any office space.
    • Mustard yellow curtains can induce a lot of vibrancy in your room. Complementary curtains sync well with outdoor blinds.
    • You can outfit canoy, wells, and curtains in a cozy bedroom in the same fabric for a cohesive, striking look.
    • When you’re talking about luxe style for your room, silk curtains can be an excellent choice. Larsen silk curtains, when you pair them with Guerin, can add immense warmth and character to a master suite in an apartment.

    On window shades

    Internal window shades are an interesting addition to your room decor. If you love eclectic decoration, you can go for these shades. Despite the countless patterns and the floral motif stand and headboard, or the plaid armchair, the curtains render a thoughtful and cohesive appeal to your window.

    • You can install Roman shades and a consistent color scheme on the internal door window/s. Apart from the design consistency, it ensures complete privacy.
    • Like Outdoor blinds, Rattan Blinds can be a great window treatment. They let natural light play inside your room while delivering considerable privacy.
    • Classic shutters are another wonderful choice. If your living room has a monochromatic color scheme, classic shutters can complement the contemporary yet timeless of the furniture.
    • You mustn’t neglect shutters and awnings. Awnings with orange stripes or other color patterns can enhance the look of the window and its adjacent areas.

    If you want less filtration of light and more dimensions, you can go for double blinds.

    Summary: Living room curtains are like artistic pieces, they complete the look of your home. With quality outdoor blinds, you can enhance the look.

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