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We specialize in Gut Health, Hormone & Mental Health like a bacterial infection, stomach aches; also offer yoga classes for you. Book a free consultation!
  • Kincardine, ON, N2z 1j7 (Ontario)
Added on 22 January 2019
Gut Testing healingjourneyservices.com treatment of IBScauses of diarrheaIf you need expert advice on the Causes of Diarrhea then you are suggested to visit / and explore it for the solutions. Here,... .... read more

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  • Kincardine, ON, N2z 1j7 (Ontario),


Heal with me regarding your health and Get to the root cause of your IBS, diarrhea and hormone imbalances through my all-inclusive programs that allow lab testing and tailored protocols that directly target More
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