DCC Infra Pvt Ltd (Daya Charan & Company)
Posted on 16 September 2020 at 02:19PM
DCC - Manufacturing Waste Segregation Machine, Zero Waste Segregation Plant, Biomining Project.

Zero Waste is a philosophy of eliminating the generation of materials that have no viable or economic option for end-of-use management.

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DCC Infra Pvt Ltd (Daya Charan & Company)
Posted on 08 September 2020 at 01:01PM
Ballistic separator waste processing machine. Multi-Sorting System Separating Mixed Wastes into Three Categories Separation Technology for Various Physical Characteristics. The ballistic separator is suitable to sort the continuous stream of waste in different fractions depending on shape and weight. A series of parallel paddles applies a strong shaking to the whole waste for effective separation, conveying the various kind of materials in different directions.

DCC is manufacturing Waste Segregation Plants using Ballistic separators and trommels to reduce the size of huge
Ballistic Separator, How to use in a sorting system zerowasterecycler.wordpress.com A device that segregates material like stones, glass, metal, and rubber, from the solid waste by passing the waste over a rotor. Alternating sets of paddles are...