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Posted on 17 May at 07:14AM
Meet Photographers and Directors in the UPDATE-22-LIBRARY – Book Your Spot Now!

Photographers can now contact us to present their portfolios at UPDATE in our temporary LIBRARY. Included in the rate of €180 is, of course, a ticket to UPDATE-22-BERLIN.

Visit Gosee Now: https://www.gosee.news/news/events/meet-photographers-and-directors-in-the-update-22-library-book-your-spot-now-59499/startpage

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Posted on 02 May at 09:31AM
#Escada, #CalvinKlein, #Antoni, #WhaleAmsterdam, #Zalando, … are all looking forward to their VIEWING SLOTS at UPDATE-22-BERLIN – the rows are getting fuller, and we’re delighted to have such a wonderful creative tailwind

In 2022, we’re looking forward to the early birds from ESCADA – the creative team is kicking things off right at 11.00 in the morning, taking a turbo round of UPDATE. We’re also expecting the CALVIN KLEIN Creative Operations & Production team, which is looking forward to its viewing

GoSee News
Posted on 02 May at 09:18AM
We miss your faces: UPDATE22BERLIN - finally confirmed - we'll see you in May 2022

Finally! We have a date - and we hope to see you as an exhibitor or visitor in Berlin. So friends, mark 25 May, 2022, on your calendars. We are uber-excited and can hardly wait. Sending you love and hope to hear from you.

Visit For More Details: https://www.gosee.news/update/page/blog/item/38880/search/55

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