Concrete Lines
Posted on 08 June 2019 at 08:52AM
Old School Skateboards from Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz and more For Sale Online in Australia

Explore the largest selection of Old School decks including Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Elephant, Pocket Pistols, Hosoi, Vision, Dogtown, Z-Flex and More. Get your Old School decks at Concrete Lines Skateboards.

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Old School Decks: Old School Skateboard Decks For Sale Online at Concrete Lines concretelines.com.au Explore the largest selection of Old School skateboard decks: Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Pocket Pistols, Hosoi and More. Free delivery Australia and NZ.

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It is the same time of the day to Merry around. Let us come together and share the joys of this season with the Indglobal Family. Wish you all a very Happy Christmas.
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