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Posted on 12 November at 01:19PM
A high-risk #pregnancy can have ups and downs, so stay positive to promote a #healthypregnancy. You can refer to our specialists at KD Blossom before planning a pregnancy to get the required tests done and determine if you are at risk of having a high-risk pregnancy. To know more, Visit https://kdblossom.co.in/blogs/high-risk-pregnancy-what-need-to-know.html

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Posted on 27 October at 09:51AM
Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy

Coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it naturally helps maintain optimal hydration levels in the body. But as with any beverage, you should consume it as part of a balanced diet, with a focus on whole foods. Read more: https://pregajunction.com/blog/benefits-of-coconut-water-during-pregnancy-warning-signs-of-it-during-pregnancy/

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Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy & Warning Signs of it during Pregnancy – PregaJunction pregajunction.com It is highly beneficial to a pregnant woman's health, as it helps to prevent dehydration. It can also help to prevent constipation, vomiting, and infections. However, make sure you drink it in moderation to avoid any stomach problems.

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Posted on 27 October at 08:48AM
Is Betnesol Injection Safe during Pregnancy?

The administration of betnesol 12 mg injection uses in pregnancy is still a matter of controversy. FDA or the US Food and Drug Administration classifies Betnesol as a category-C drug. This means that pre-clinical trials on animals have found that Betnesol has damaging impacts on the fetus. Until now, there aren’t many conclusive studies on humans that determine its benefits or adverse effects yet. Read more: https://pregajunction.com/blog/betnesol-injection-during-pregnancy-uses-dosage-side-effects/

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Betnesol Injection During Pregnancy: Uses, Dosage & Side Effects – PregaJunction pregajunction.com The dosage of betnesol during pregnancy depends on the severity of the pre-term birth complications, the month of pregnancy, etc.

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Posted on 07 October at 07:16AM
Age And #fertility: What Are Your Chances Of #pregnancy By Age?
#fertilityrate of women in her early 20s is 20% to get pregnant every month. Generally, chances of getting pregnant reduces after age of 30. So if you're planning to make a family, you should consider the age of women. Get in touch with your #gynaecologist when you're trying to #conceive for #successfulpregnancy and delivery. #kdblossom has the best Experienced Gynaecologists of #ahmedabad. To book an appointment call on +91-7966770000. https://kdblossom.co.in/blogs/age-fertility-what-are-your-chances-of-pregnancy-age.html

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Posted on 29 September at 10:13AM
#firsttrimester: Your Essential #pregnancy To-Do List

Are you pregnant? Then please take some time to jump for fun and feel grateful for this blessing before taking the stress of diving into the world of parental responsibility. here are some useful #pregnancycaretips regarding what to do and what not to do during your first trimester. For more, visit https://divahospital.com/

Posted on 26 September at 02:57PM
Breastfeeding diet: Things to Eat and Avoid While Breastfeeding | WiseRx Blog wiserxcard.com When you think about the hard part of the baby-making is now done, the time to nurse the growing child comes. Here, you will find how to get the nutrients you and your baby require while nursing.

Diva Women's Hospital
Posted on 24 September at 12:56PM
#PregnancyCareTips for the #FirstTrimester

Are you #pregnant? Then please take some time to jump for fun and feel grateful for this blessing before taking the stress of diving into the world of #parentalresponsibility. #Pregnancy can be a joyful feeling, but not all the experience is happier as this also involves various difficulties and painful experiences. you can follow some helpful tips and habits to deal with those complications effectively.
#PregnancyCare Tips:
1. Having #food on time
2. Do take a #multivitamin
3. Do get lots

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Posted on 13 August at 11:05AM

3 Common Pregnancy Myths: Let's Look at The Facts!

Many myths exist about #pregnancy, including the need to hold your wedding ring over your abdomen to check the baby's position and the false notion that you can determine the sex of your unborn child by holding your finger above your belly. Now how to know whether these all are true or just pregnancy #myths? So, here we have to do some basic research and find out the real facts. So go
Pregnancy Myths – True or False? | Early Image earlyimage.com.au Early Image debunks popular pregnancy myths to provide you with a guide when choosing the right information to follow. Visit our page to browse more.

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Posted on 19 May at 06:04AM
Ajax is looking for an ultrasound partner. In the city of Toronto,
Ajax residents no longer have to worry about locating the top ultrasound clinic in the area. Xus Canada is the best ultrasound & Xray clinic in the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto East X-Ray & Ultrasound, Ajax's Ultrasound Partner

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Toronto East X-Ray & Ultrasound
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XUS Canada offers the best Ultrasound & Xray Services in Scarborough. We have experience, cutting-edge technology, and our clients' trust.
For more information visit: https://xus.ca/

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