Stem Cell Care India
Posted on 30 July at 11:38AM
These are some habits that may harm your #kidneys. You can find one of the top medical centres for taking one of the most effective therapies like stem cell #therapy for #kidneyfailure. Visit us https://bit.ly/3vuNez5

Rohan Gupta
Posted on 23 December 2020 at 01:39PM
Kidney failure can be both impermanent and permanent. This can be identified as acute kidney failure/acute renal failure or chronic #kidneydisease. With acute #kidneyfailure, the utility of the kidneys is speedily lost and can befall from several pressures on the body, a maximum of which are linked to diet. Read more http://bit.ly/2DBF7pF

Posted on 01 July 2019 at 01:35PM
Although vitamins are needed for the proper functioning of the body, the excess of them may damage your kidneys. In many cases, kidney disease is due to the overdose of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Vitamin A, C, and D are likely to affect your kidneys and may decline their health.
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