DeenCentral Corporation
Posted on 26 July 2022 at 05:27AM
Soft and lightweight, the jersey hijab is a perfect staple fabric for all seasons. Available in a tremendous range of striking shades, our luxury jersey hijabs are both long-lasting and versatile, making them ideal for every day or functional wear. We use genuine, biodegradable fabrics, creative fibers, and smart textiles, connecting traditional and sustainable strategies to ethically produce hijabs for amazing women; hijabs with high wearing comfort, and breathability.

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Sneha Ganguly
Posted on 26 March 2019 at 09:25AM
Getting started with the first Hijab
If you are interested to buying scarves for women then just call at our helpline number +91-95-40-306-468.
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Getting started with the first Hijab - Khayt-Threads For Heaven +91-95-40-306-468 khaytscarfonline.over-blog.com In the last article, we learned about different kinds of hijabs and their importance in a woman's life. This article is dedicated to all those new hijab is who ...

Sneha Ganguly
Posted on 12 March 2019 at 06:41AM
Veiling in Women: Hijab
If you are interested to buying scarves for women then just call at our helpline number +91-95-40-306-468.
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Veiling in Women: Hijab khaytscarf.blogspot.com Commonly referred to by various different names like a veil or a headscarf, a hijab used majorly by Muslim women to cover their heads, has...

Islamicdesign House
Posted on 17 August 2018 at 12:57PM
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Deep Plum Collar Abaya gb.islamicdesignhouse.com Abaya & Jilbab that are fashionable & modest for all seasons & occasions. Available online at best prices with easy exchange. Products: Outerwear, Kimono, Hijab...

Posted on 16 June 2018 at 08:21AM
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