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Posted on 22 August at 12:38PM
Hair Loss specialists in UK | Surgery Group

Surgery Group is a Hair Loss Specialist in the UK that provides services and products for hair, eyebrows, and beard transplants. With the assistance of certain forward-thinking surgeons, we can exhibit their collective locations and services under one brand, Surgery Group.

Visit: https://surgerygroup.co.uk/

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Surgery Group : Hair Loss specialists in UK | Contact Now surgerygroup.co.uk Surgery Group is a small and independent team offering transplant services and solutions for hair, eyebrows and beards in the UK.

Surgery Group
Posted on 25 April at 10:43AM
If you are having a problem with hair loss, you can go for a Hair Transplant in Nottingham. Hair transplant is a procedure to transplant hair from the area you have to the bald area or having thin area. It’s a procedure taking 4-8 hours to be completed. It grows your healthy, strong and natural hair after the surgery.
Hair transplant is a guaranteed process of growing hairs. So you can decide now for your hair transplantation.
Contat now: https://surgerygroup.co.uk/hair-transplants/

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Surgery Group
Posted on 22 April at 08:54AM
Sometimes the Dr will need to be more conservative with the hairline to get the best result. When a patient has lost a large amount of hair we need to think about density Vs coverage to get the most natural-looking result. This is exactly what our Dr did here! It is also important to note that some patients might require two procedures to get full coverage. If you’d like a procedure similar to this, please DM us and get the