Vincent Robinson
Posted on 25 June 2019 at 10:37AM
Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Amazon Fire Stick remote is not working? Then Press and hold the home button in the #Firestick remote. #Troubleshooting Amazon Fire Stick #remote is not a strenuous task. First and foremost step is to check whether your remote batteries is fixed or not. Always use branded batteries for the remote. Insert the Fire Stick to the HDMI port and power on your Fire Stick. If you still face the firestick remote not working issue, then

Raelyn Ruth
Posted on 24 June 2019 at 07:12AM
Amazon Fire Stick Support

The Amazon Fire Stick has some scintillating features such as Alexa voice recognition, Bluetooth earphones and even games and apps. You can simply activate Fire TV Stick by using the account you had already signed up for on Amazon. You can even add skills on your #Alexa and enjoy until it lasts. The Amazon Fire Stick do works in an amazing way but there may be constraints. In order to solve these constraints and problems regarding the