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    Added on 15 December 2018

    Setting up Firefox on Roku to make things easier

    Searching a way to send downloaded videos to Roku…? Here is Mozilla to your rescue; you can link your Mozilla account to Roku and get all your favorites right from Roku. The screencasting feature that’s new to Mozilla lets you send videos to Roku. This way you can watch your favorites on the big screen right from the internet.

    The Best part of Mozilla on Roku:

    You can play a video on Mozilla and browse through other sites or even switch of your Android; the video won’t be interrupted even if you switch off your screen, the sounds on the background keeps on going.

    Subscribe Firefox on Roku with a Roku account; Adding channel on Roku is easy by just giving a tap over the Mozilla channel title. The channel when added to your Roku will have access to your Mozilla on desktop. This can bring all the saved videos directly to firefox for roku.

    Steps to Link Mozilla to Roku:

    1. Keep your portable device and Roku on the same network and launch Firefox from your portable device
    2. There are certain video formats that can be compared with Roku; download them and play it
    3. On the screen, you will find send option which has a screen logo resembling screencasting
    4. Now choose the device, on which you want to send the videos
    5. You can toggle of the controls after syncing your screen.


    Google Assistance on Roku:

    Go on to Google App home screen and tap the system settings. On Explore Category pick settings option to move forward. To control the options pick, Home Control and give access to your Roku by giving Add device and then choose your device that needs to be synced with Google hub.

    Users who live in Canada or Australia who need to stream their favorites from the US would need a VPN service. VPN changes the address of your IP Address and it gives a Pseudo resemblance to the particular place you have picked out.

    To stream your website videos onto Roku from google chrome, Mozilla Firefox you can follow these set of procedures and enjoy your favorites on the big screen. Instead of going through all the tedious process Mirroring can be of utter help to your entertainment quench. Additionally, if you need more information on screening firefox for roku, do visit our website Roku wireless setup or call at +1-8669910490

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