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    Top reasons to install emergency or panic bar exit doors in commercial building

    28 September

    Early fire detection and warning are the key aspects for saving lives and protecting your valuable assets. Installing a high-quality fire detection system in your commercial building can considerably improve firefighting efforts. It is one of the most prudent and fundamental steps you can take to manage your fire threat. As soon as people get the warning from the fire alarm, they use emergency exit doors and leave the building in a traditional way. So, it is necessary to team up with regular inspections and maintenance from an experienced and licensed contractor for emergency exit door repair services or other fire protection equipment.

    What is Emergency or Panic Bar Exit Doors?

    An emergency exit or panic bar exit door is a special escape route that is easily accessible in an unfortunate fire outbreak and provides a safe exit for you and your employees. A panic bar is a horizontal hardware piece that is fixed on an emergency door and has a spring-type mechanism that helps in the emergency exit. Its mechanism includes a door lock specially assembled so that by light pressure on the panic bar, the lock is released, and the door opens.

    These panic bar exit doors are strategically placed around hotels, hospitals, and all other buildings with large crowds. Panic bars, also known as crash bars, were first used in buildings in 1908 to respond to a tragic fire incident due to locked doors. After these tragedies, the US and other European countries installed these panic bar exit doors in large buildings. As a result, implementation of these devices became beneficial during a fire, and the death rate decreased dramatically.

    Benefits of having Panic bar exit doors in a commercial building

    A panic bar is one of those essential things that most business owners have taken for granted. It is surely an important protective component of a commercial building that we may encounter anytime. The importance of panic bar exit doors should not be ignored. In the worst-case scenarios, they can save many lives. It is a part of our routine lives and a significant element in the fire protection system. However, these bars provide safety benefits to everyone, whether they be business owners, customers, or employees. Here, we are illustrating some of the undeniable benefits:

    • Safety- As already discussed importance of panic bar doors and their requirements in every building. These emergency doors allow easy access for all people inside and needful security from outside the building too. With the implementation of emergency exit doors with panic bars, there is less chance that building employees will be trampled in an unfortunate event. If you have installed an alarm system on panic bar doors, it can also protect if someone enters or exits an unauthorized way.

    • Low Insurance rates- if you have properly installed panic bars in the building and they are well maintained, it can significantly decrease insurance rates. Anything that increases the safety or reduces the liability has a direct impact on the insurance premiums of the building. The security of employees and customers is certainly important; however, if making the building safe saves you extra money, then it's a win-win situation!

    • Legal Compliance- If you have a certain number of people in any building, then it is a legal requirement to have panic bars exit doors. So not only is it a good idea, but it's a law to maintain panic bars properly.

    • Effective and Affordable- Just one panic bar on your emergency door can save several lives, and it's really affordable. Many clients prefer automatic doors, but automatic doors are expensive and need timely maintenance to continue to operate safely and without hassle. Also, if there is an issue with automatic doors, they might not be open, which can impact safety or can cause an inconvenience for everyone. On the other hand, panic bars offer better convenience while being less expensive. So you can hire a professional contractor for panic bar installation in your building without burning a hole in your pocket.

    • Efficiency- Panic bars are easily accessible and quickly unlatched to open a door, and this is the main advantage of installing panic bars at your business. In addition, their mechanism can be used without any hassle by the elderly and young children as well as handicaps.

    • Valid for other emergencies- Panic bars can also be used for emergencies other than fires. For example, properly placed and maintained panic bars can save lives in the case of gas leaks, natural disasters, and other dangerous events.

    Therefore, panic bar exit doors ensure safety with rapid opening doors. So, in an emergency, you should not worry about getting out of a building safely. Panic bars give you peace of mind, as you are sure of a safe and easy exit. So why wait? Immediately contact skilled and experienced contractors for panic bars installation and make your building a safe place for your employees and customers.

    If you are in the market looking for a reliable and cost-effective panic bars installation service, then your search can end with FireServ.

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