Engine Liner

    Added on 28 September 2022
    In line with this, we design our centrifugal casting machines and foundry equipment.

    The company Jaidarshan Indocraft Pvt. Ltd. is renowned globally as a pioneer in centrifugal casting technology and machines. Horizontal, vertical, and dual faceplate centrifugal casting machines are all produced by our company. Each one may create castings for a range of uses, including roll manufacturing, cylinder liners, reformer tubes, pipelines, bearings, and bushes. As a global provider, we export 90 percent of our work. We will choose the most effective centrifugal casting equipment and procedure after carefully assessing the needs of our customers. Precision quantitative correctness is guaranteed, and the corporation controls every stage of manufacturing. Each piece of equipment is put together and thoroughly tested in the workshop before shipping.You can reach us to click here

    Call us now – +91 93779 67468 or more information enquire us at info@engineliner.com OR VISIT:- www.engineliner.com

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