Engel Dental Center
    At Engel Dental Center, our team diagnoses the root cause of the oral problems and treats and manages the overall oral health care.
    Added on 26 July 2022
    Despite the advances in dentistry today, millions of people experience loss of natural teeth. Most of them are caused by tooth decay, accidents, or periodontal diseases. Bridges and dentures were the treatment choices for missing or broken teeth for years! Now patients are opting for dental implants as they are the most popular tooth replacement option. Studies show that a conservative approach and reliable process of three to six dental implants have a success rate of up to 95%. And if taken care of properly, implants can even last a lifetime. Read detailed blog: https://engeldentalcenter.com/3-on-6-dental-implants/

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    Engel Dental Center is a dental services provider in Charlotte, NC that provides complete dental care. We diagnose, treat, and manage overall oral health, including primary, cosmetic, advanced dental More
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