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Added on 20 May 2020

What Do You Mean By Click Through Rate(CTR) And Its Importance?

20 May 2020

Click Through Rate(CTR)

Several people create websites to monetize and get the required bucks. It is because users have numerous queries underlying, so they resort to search engines to find their answers.

First of all, you have to structure a paid search advert and get the need fulfilled. Now we have constructed this article in such a way that you could understand the whole idea behind the CTR tactic.

We follow individual strategies to show our uniqueness, and it is the reason why we are the Best SEM company in Chennai.

What does a Good CTR mean?

Several Clients often question the meaning and emphasis of Good CTR. It solely depends on three factors:

  1. The industry
  2. The Keyword set
  3. Individualistic endeavors with a PPC identity

It is not a rare thing when you see a CTR comprised of two digits. It happens when some user is trying to find your brand name or other data about the trademarked product.


CTR is considered as an essential factor as the PPC managers could interpret and regulate. It leads to a very successful PPC campaign.


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