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    Added on 15 May 2019

    The importance of toys in a child’s growth and brain development

    15 May 2019

    However, is there any truth in that statement, and most importantly, should you buy toys for your kids for them to play with? Let’s review!

    A child’s brain through the age of 7 goes through a phenomenal transformation. It is in these 7 years that they will learn core values and skills. And nurturing their creativity and imagination is something that every parent must do! Now, toys are a great way to do that and through this article, we will try to shed some light into why we say yes to toys.

    Kids learn through toys, both physically and emotionally

    For a child, motor skills are very important. This unison between their senses and muscles develop over time to provide them with proper motor skills .

    Building blocks are a great place to start for your toddler as it keeps them engaged and improve their hand-eye coordination. By picking up the fine piece and putting them together or taking them apart improves something called Fine Motor Skills.

    Improvement in fine motor skills allows kids to grip on to something and gives them confidence while doing so. A baby using building blocks or dressing up a doll is using fine motor skills every time they are figuring out how to better use their tiny fingers. And the brain keeps on developing neural connections so that they can repeat the same motion again in the future without any hardships.

    Toys and physical development in kids

    Now when they are able to stand up and briskly walk, they start to develop their Gross Motor Skills. this is where a lot of the muscle and bone development takes place. And now, kids will be more than interested to test themselves out, becoming stronger and faster every time they practice.

    Again, toys are important in this phase to keep them engaged. With the necessary engagement, the toddler can prevent themselves from becoming obese.

    Obesity in children is a serious problem plaguing many children nowadays. Parents must note that obesity in children can cause serious health and mental issues. For example, an obese toddler has more chances to grow into an obese teenager, and to adulthood. Obesity is also a prime reason for low self-esteem and lack of confidence seen in children nowadays.

    It is estimated that by 2022, there will be more obese children in the world than underweight children.   

    This brings us to something that every parent must do, and that measures the BMI of your child if you suspect them of getting obese. BMI or Body Mass Index is particularly effective at finding the right weight range in kids.

    So when they are presented with a toy that engages their motor skills like a tricycles or buggy scooter, you are promoting their health and development with a single toy. There are several different types of engaging toys that you can buy a popular toy store in Dubai.

    Toys and emotional development in kids

    The emotional development of a child is very important and structures the character that they are going to develop into adulthood. Toys help kids to unleash their creativity and imagination. It is very important that they do so because brain development in this age is crucial to help them come up with solutions for the problems that they face later in life.

    When your child has reached the age of two, they are learning things constantly. And will start to show their love for writing and drawing.

    Reading them books, teaching them how to draw, all these things will boost their learning and socializing skills. themed playsets that test the toddler’s cognitive abilities are great for kids in this age.

    Bottom line

    There is no doubt that toys are great for toddlers and helps them learn very important skillsets in life whilst keeping them healthy. So do not deprive your kids of the fun that these toys offer your child.

    However, there is a trend nowadays where parents offer toddler digital devices as toys, like the smartphone and tablets for example. These digital alternatives to physical toys may seem like a great way to keep your kid engaged for longer times, but the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has found that in the long run, it does more damage than good to your child.

    They advise that children under the age of two should not get any screen time at all, and must be protected against smartphones, tablets and even television.

    The pediatrics advise that children of this age should not be concerned with learning the alphabets or numbers but with developing relation between their caregivers and nurture meaningful interactions with their parents.

    So, it’s time to take away the iPad and give your child old school toys that will give them a childhood to remember! If you want your kids to have the best toys in Dubai, then head over to the toy store in Dubai and choose from our wide range of toys available in Dubai!

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