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    Added on 26 September 2019

    DNA test results can alter your physiology

    As DNA testing becomes more sophisticated and widely available, consumers have new access to all kinds of genetic information, from whether they're likely to sneeze when exposed to sunlight to whether they carry the BRCA genes that increase the risk of breast cancer.

    Some of the information is having a positive maybe even life-saving impact on people. But what if knowing you had certain genetic material led to you creating a mindset about your capabilities, or even a physiological reaction?

    Over the years, researchers have identified genetic risk factors for a range of conditions. One of the reasons why experts carry out these tests is to inform an individual what conditions they might be at increased risk of developing, giving them the impetus to make lifestyle changes or to reduce the risk.

    Knowledge is power but, when it comes to knowing our genetic results then the information could be too bad or good thing for us. Learning more about our genetic risks can also affect our brain chemistry and our physiology too. So in such a way DNA test results can alter your physiology.

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