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    Added on 28 September 2022

    How Digital Marketing Is Changing the Way People Shop Online

    28 September 2022

    The topic of online shopping isn’t raised without many questions on credibility. While online shopping has been around for decades, consumers still want to be reassured that the money they spend to buy online products is well worth it.

    To save you the trouble, Revounts is one of the suggested websites that allows consumers safe and trustworthy buying. This online digital platform is affiliated with many different e-commerce websites offering amazing deals and coupon codes that consumers can use to shop and save money from.

    Consumer behavior has dramatically shifted in the past couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses were impacted and shut down, while others evolved and moved to online platforms. In 2020 the use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok increased drastically as the world underwent lockdown restrictions.

    Many brands, as a result, had to re-strategize and redesign their campaigns by reflecting on the current reality of the world.

    The transformation of traditional marketing to digital marketing has truly changed the game of the world’s overall economy. As businesses increased, online users on various platforms also doubled.

    Here’s how digital marketing has changed the game for online shopping.

    Trends Are the Holy Grail

    Trends have always been popular, but no one has followed them religiously as people do now in these current times. This is primarily thanks to TikTok, everyone wants to be the chosen one for the platform’s algorithm for visibility. Therefore, following a trend allows users to buy the same products that everyone else is buying.

    This allows digital marketers to strategize campaigns that can go “viral” or become a “trending topic” so people keep talking about it.

    The Shift to Short-Form Videos

    TikTok, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts and Facebook Reels have been booming as people have become more invested in short-form videos. Due to this reason, many brands have designed their campaigns surrounding video marketing strategies. As a result, short-form video content has become the fastest and the most effective means to promote products.

    Small Businesses are thriving

    There has been a surge in small businesses in the past 3-5 years, people feel inclined to support small business owners as there is a sense of respect and empathy for self-made entrepreneurs who make a living off of their valuable craft.

    Moreover, market researchers claim that small businesses are essential for the economy because by supporting a small business, you are supporting the local community it’s located in, therefore, the economy flourishes through these local areas.

    Demand for Ethical Businesses

    E-commerce businesses have joined hands in the mission to promote environmental sustainability as more people are made aware of the declining condition of our planet due to climate change. In addition, consumers have raised their voices against the use of plastics, animal cruelty, and pro-paraben cosmetic products. So the markets are striving to work to eliminate such factors and promote businesses ethically for consumers.

    The Surge in E-commerce Markets

    E-commerce businesses are rising in the market and are expected to grow by almost $11 trillion in the next five years.

    Many small business owners have found ecommerce websites as their go-to platforms where they can provide their services. Likewise, many full-time artists worldwide sell their art through websites like Etsy, Amazon Handmade or BigCartel or provide paid streaming services on places like Patreon.

    Twitch streamers have been in the trend and are making tremendous money by promoting their goods to their loyal followers.

    Websites offer Print-on-demand services such as RedBubble that many content creators, graphic designers and E-book writers use to grow their business online.

    Rise of Young Entrepreneurs  

    With more exposure to social media platforms, we are more equipped than ever to find success. The increasing popularity of digital marketing has given young students and fresh graduates an outlet to start and build their brands. As social media has become a den for creativity, it is a no-brainer that young people seek so much inspiration to become rising entrepreneurs.

    Emerging marketers use online services and outlets to promote their products in this highly in-demand and competitive industry. Here are a few factors that have positively impacted businesses through digital marketing.

    • SEO: also known as Search Engine Optimization helps owners rank their website to 1. SEO helps improve the quality of a website by drawing unpaid traffic through lead generation and keyword placement.  
    • Channels that drive sales: Email Marketing, Networking, Social Media, Ecommerce websites, PPC and Ads generated through Google AdSense, as well as radio or TV, are all the platforms across which product sales can be generated.
    • Strategic Branding: Strategic branding requires business owners to do market research on similar products to understand the consumer’s behavior and how the product is perceived in the market.
    • Content and Copy Writing: Part of SEO Marketing, writing to generate sales allows the consumer to get information on the product.  


    Digital Marketing has shaped the world and has changed the industrial perspective of both owners and consumers, as more businesses grow online, more consumers find it easy to avail of those services from the comfort of their homes. Truly within the next decade, the world will become a complete digital marketing landscape.

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