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    Added on 06 September

    6 Ways for Car Dealerships to Generate More Leads Through Instagram

    06 September

    Social media allows dealerships to showcase products without investing in expensive advertising campaigns. In addition, in the automotive industry, dealerships appreciate looking at Instagram as a source of brand awareness and customer loyalty. However, building a following on Instagram isn't as easy as it once was. You'll need to be creative to get your brand noticed.

    Using Instagram To Boost Sales

    Despite the name of this article, Instagram on its own is unlikely to boost your sales, but rather using Instagram and social media as part of a wider marketing campaign.

    In the automotive industry, you'll need to be sure your SEO is on point by using an expert company such as Click Intelligence, so that customers can follow you from your Instagram right through to your website and hopefully in person to make sales.

    Here are a few ways to boost your Instagram following in order to improve your lead generation.

    Build an Engaging Storyline

    The best way to generate buzz around your dealership is by creating unmatchable content that engages other followers. If you're posting about car incentives or specials, share your personality and interact with people on a personal level. People love stories that result in the kind of transformation they can't find anywhere else!

    Post On Time Every Day

    You only have so many hours per day, so make sure not one minute goes by without someone seeing what's happening at your dealership on Instagram. Posting consistently will make sure your daily Instagram audience will keep growing. Your followers should know what to expect when they visit your page. You can use a scheduler to organize and send out pre-written tweets

    Find Your Voice

    It's easy to fall into the trap of emulating other car dealerships by simply replicating their posts and hashtags. While you'd certainly get more followers that way, it's not the best way to engage with potential customers on a more personal level.

    Rather than simply posting about product promotions, find a unique voice that resonates with your audience.

    Don't Be Too Promotional

    Your potential customers are already well aware of what your dealership does and how it can help them. They know that buying cars from your dealership means choosing from a wide range of options and prices, so why should they engage with you on social media at all?

    If you want people to follow you and engage with your posts, bring them the best value for their time by sharing unique content on a regular basis.

    Create a Follow-Friendly Instagram Profile Picture

    Don't be too eager to follow people. First, engage with them by tagging them in your posts, then follow them.

    Make sure to opt for a photo that is relevant to your brand and not simply a profile pic of yourself or your staff members.

    Follow the same rules you'd use for your website, make sure there are no spelling errors, and make sure the photos are original!

    Share The Best Content On Instagram

    Purpose-driven content is key. If you want people to engage with your brand on Instagram, it's important to post images that connect with them on a personal level.

    While you're at it, make sure these images are also tagged with relevant hashtags. You need to reach as many people as you can through your posts.

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