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    Added on 03 December 2021

    Top 10 Content Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

    03 December 2021

    Are you doing content marketing for your online venture?

    Are you finding it difficult to derive the desired benefits from your content marketing campaign?

    Do you want to spot the leaks and fix everything for better results?

    If yes is your answer, then don't worry; you'll be able to solve all the hiccups once you go through the entire article.

    With over 6 billion Google searches post-pandemic compared to 3.6 billion pre-pandemic searches, you need a solid content marketing strategy and execution to tap the opportunity.

    You need to avoid all the common mistakes that content marketers make to achieve all the extraordinary benefits of using a great content marketing strategy.

    But before you can avoid all the mistakes, you need to be aware of all the common content marketing mistakes. Most average marketers, being unaware of common mistakes, blame content marketing for being old and ineffective.

    But you are not one of those average marketers, right?

    Let's go through the top 10 common mistakes with a content marketing strategy and figure out how to avoid such mistakes.

    Not Being Consistent With Blog Publishing

    There are over 1.8 billion websites on the mainstream web, and only 200 million websites are active with their blog uploads.

    Having a website and initially publishing a few blogs will not do any good for your business.

    You need to be in the game if you want search engines to help you attract your target audience organically. With the consistent algorithm updates, search engines are trying to improve the user experience and are getting stricter with their blog standards.

    You need to have an active blog if you want your basics to be strong. For a fact, companies that are active with their blogs can generate 68% more leads than companies that don't maintain consistent activity on their blogs.

    With blog consistency, you'll have:

    • An increase in your traffic
    • Better SERP rankings
    • More engagements on the web and social landscape

    Use different scheduling tools if you find it difficult to maintain consistency with your uploads, do whatever it takes, but switch your focus towards being consistent with your blogs.

    Apart from blogs, marketers also ignore the power of email and SMS marketing.

    Ignoring Email & SMS marketing

    You must have heard that email marketing is old and dead. But believe us, it's not.

    Successful email marketing can help you achieve an average ROI of $42 for every $1 you spend.

    And adding fuel to the fire, the average opening rates of emails are around 20% compared to the humongous opening rates of text messages, which are around 98%.

    So, both email and SMS marketing are key ingredients that can decide the success of your content marketing approach. But many marketers ignore the value these marketing channels carry and switch to the modern and trendy approach.

    Failing To Use Social Media To The Fullest

    Having a solid social media presence can help you a lot with your marketing approach. But some marketers don't understand their social audience, don't look at the competitors, and just post a few posts now and then.

    You need to take social media seriously, like your website, because you can drive a lot of traffic to your website and other channels using social media.

    You need to post content regularly on multiple social media channels with a proper understanding of what your target audience will love to see.

    Not Proofreading

    One of the most underrated tasks, yet the most effective one before you hit the publish button, is proofreading your content.

    You can't showcase professionalism and credibility through your content if your content has errors and doesn't match the industry standards.

    If you don't like the task, hire professional editors who have the brains and love for polishing written content effectively.

    Not Changing With Changing SEO Approach

    Over the past years, search engines and SEO marketing have evolved big time. Those days are past when keyword stuffing would help to drive crazy traffic to your websites.

    Now you need to strike a balance between quality keywords and content. You need to adapt to the changing algorithms and use LSI, long-tail, and other keywords rather than stuff.

    Some markets are still sticking with the old and outdated practices, and their results prove the practice's ineffectiveness.

    Choosing Quantity Over Quality

    One of the most common mistakes businesses make with the content marketing approach today is focusing more on publishing numbers.

    But it's all about the quality of content you are posting.

    The attention of today's audience is decreasing, and the writers need to increase their research and to write time to produce well-written, credible, and more thoughtful content to hook the user.

    Publishing Irrelevant Content

    Sometimes businesses try a lot with their content marketing and post irrelevant content in comparison to their niche.

    You need to avoid a big mistake if you want your users to have the best experience while consuming content your website is popular for.

    For example: If you are a guest blogger for a digital marketing website, do you think it will be ideal for the website audience to read about a cookie recipe article you posted?

    No way, right?

    Keeping content simple and tailored to the niche is important.

    No Diversification In Content Marketing Approach

    Ever heard the saying, “You don't want to put all your eggs in one basket”?

    Just like this, you don't want to put all your marketing efforts and resources into one tactic.

    Many markets focus on limited marketing channels and try to ace one tactic to derive their desired results. If you do the same, you'll be unable to achieve the maximum benefits of content marketing.

    You need to target your target audience with different tactics and channels.

    Ignoring Customer Outreach

    Ignoring customer interaction is yet another mistake you need to avoid. You need to reply to the customer's text and address their issues and complaints about multiple social and web touchpoints.

    You need to remove the image of your corporate brand and give a human experience to your customers.

    Not Optimizing

    Not optimizing your content can result in some of the biggest setbacks in your content marketing efforts. You need to change and tweak your content to reflect the changing behavior and requirements of your target audience.

    You need to perform a content market audit to understand what's working and what's not. Go through user data, competitors' data, analyze your previous performance, and look for loopholes where you can improve and provide better content next time for your audience.

    Different industries might require you to have a different approach to the process. For example content marketing for the SaaS industry would be a lot different than doing it for a local business.

    These are some common mistakes that businesses and marketers make with their content marketing strategy and execution.

    We also gave a glimpse of how you can avoid these mistakes and remove the roadblocks in the path of your success.

    So it's high time to kick-start your effective content marketing journey.

    It's Time To Eradicate All The Mistakes

    Avoid all these common mistakes with your content marketing efforts and outshine your competitors and see your business expand multifolds.

    Sit down with your marketers and plan a foolproof strategy to avoid making these mistakes with your business.

    If you are already implementing your content marketing strategy, analyze if you are skipping these mistakes and making the most of content marketing.

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