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    Added on 02 December 2021

    How To Sell PEMF Mat: Top 5 Social Media Marketing Ideas

    02 December 2021

    Have you recently launched a perfect PEMF or amethyst mat that incredibly relieves all the stress and inflammation from every inch of the human body? Yes… we have no doubts that your product is superb, and it has top-notch quality. But the question is, how are you going to tell this to the world? Let us tell you; you will have to think of some tempting marketing ideas to sell your product.

    The world is going digital day by day, and people see more social media advertisements now than old-school television ones. So, the first thing you need to do is focus only on social media and digital marketing. Trust me; social media marketing is the only powerful and effective tool nowadays to advertise and sell your products.

    Still clueless about the strategies? Well, what are we here for? Below, we are sharing the top 5 surging social media marketing ideas to sell your PEMF or amethyst mat like a PRO! Keep Reading; you will want to thank us later!

    1.Cross-Channel Marketing

    If you really want to make your product’s reach go higher and higher, Cross-channel marketing is your go-to option! Cross-channel marketing means advertising and publicizing your brand or product on more than one social media channel. The more channels you use, the more audience you will reach.

    How? Well, think about it… we all prefer to use different social media channels; some like Facebook, some like Instagram, and some like Twitter. So, it would be best to promote your product on all the channels. This way, you will be able to target the audience of each.

    2. Use Visuals To Promote Your Product

    Trust me; a picture is worth a thousand words and attractive too, to be honest. While you are promoting your product, make sure you are using fewer words and more visuals – pictures, videos, etc.

    And by visuals, we mean CREATIVE visuals; organize tempting and top-class product photography and post the shoot on social media channels. Also, try to add some infographics in the form of visuals – For example, benefits of using your product, how to use it, etc.

    3. Offer Discounts And Deals

    Trust me; the only things that attract people while shopping is discounts and deals – no matter online or in person. Also, discounts are known to be a number one tool to boost sales and engagement.

    So, make sure you offer a teeny tiny discount on your products occasionally to attract people. The best part, people will share that discount news with their friends as well, promise! Also, try to introduce attractive bundles and deals now and then.

    4. Partnering With Influencers

    Influencers and bloggers are rocking the digital world nowadays, I swear! If a certain popular influencer would ask their fans to try a product, they will definitely try it like an obligation. So, try to partner with some famous influencers in the form of PR packages.

    Send them your product for free and ask for a recommendation or detailed review in return. Trust me; it is one of the best ways to attract new potential customers.

    5. Run Sponsored Ads

    No matter what social media platform you choose – each of them has an option of sponsored ads. This option will allow your ads and products to reach a higher audience (even to the people who are not following you) by just spending a small amount of money.

    Yes, sponsored ads are paid – but spending a few extra bucks to increase your reach and sales wouldn't hurt much, right?

    Final Verdict

    Now that you have gone through our top marketing tips, you are all ready to sell your PEMF or Amethyst mat like a professional. However, keep one thing in mind; these tips will only work if you’re offering quality. So, never compromise on that!

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