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    Added on 03 November 2021

    4 Ways Email Marketing can Improve your SEO Results

    03 November 2021

    None of the channels of a digital marketing strategy should exist by itself. The fact is that they are all connected in some way, and you have to use these connections to your advantage. Many marketers ignore this information and focus on a single marketing strategy, which can harm their business. For example: Did you know that SEO and email can be a very powerful combination? We have been wondering how email marketing can help improve your SEO results. So, we asked people from the Alpha Efficiency to explain to us the connection between these two marketing methods. Here are five ways email marketing can help SEO efforts:

    1. Attract qualified traffic to your website

    Obviously, one of the most important benefits of email marketing is dragging traffic to websites. But, the thing is that now you need qualified traffic; this means you should be seeking visitors who are more likely to make some kind of conversion when visiting your site. How to make sure you are dragging qualified traffic? The answer is personalization. It could be used in email marketing because people already expect that the emails they are receiving are made by their interests. The experts say that most people subscribe to channels that send them the most relevant content. That’s the way marketers attract targeted qualified audiences, and what is the goal of SEO strategies? To earn more customers and revenue, which is basically done by personalization of email marketing.

    2. Improve on-site engagement

    Suppose you succeed in dragging qualified traffic to your site that enables you to make them stay to read your content. That way, they can engage with it, and they will spend more time on the site, which means that exit rates will decrease for your site. The more they stay, the bigger the chance that they will hire you or buy your product, but also, engaging on-site metrics can also contribute to your SEO efforts. When we say metrics, we mostly mean time spent on the site, which is connected to high rankings.

    3. Develop targeted content strategy

    Almost every email marketer analyzes and tests at least one of the elements in each email they send to the audience. So, if you are one of these marketers, you probably got a bunch of data on the elements you test. This data can be a turning point in your marketing strategy. With that, you can find the most relevant topics to your audience and fill your homepage with those headlines. Also, you can see to which CTA people mostly react, and you can put that too on your homepage. But why is this important for SEO? The answer is to make better decisions about your SEO efforts in the future because you use an email marketing strategy to determine what your target audience responds to the best.

    4. Encourage social media shares

    When your target audience is able to see your content, there is a chance that they will share it on social media. Also, it would be great if you encouraged your subscribers to share your content on their own social media accounts. You are probably wondering how is this connected to SEO strategies? Initially, we have to say that Google denied that social media shares aren’t one of the ranking factors. But they can increase your social visibility; that way, people will be able to recognize your brand soon, which is essential for your business too. Research showed that the businesses owners who shared their websites on social media performed better in search results. The conclusion is that earning social shares can work well to your advantage, so you should definitely try it.

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