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    Added on 13 October 2021

    Top 10 Tips to Optimize your Email Campaign for 2021

    13 October 2021

    Email marketing is very important part of digital marketing strategy so if you have not maximized efforts in this area, it is awesome way to boost sales numbers and increase engagement. It is serving as primary component of customer programs for companies of all industries.

    The problems comes when you feel that no matter how good your email or what you offering and your emails are goes to end up in a sea of messages .

    But don’t be upset we have compiled some tips for inspire you to create and empower best email marketing.

    1. Get to know your audience:

    It is very important thing that you have a good understanding about your audience before start emailing them and make sure your audience is more than a group. Some things you have to always learn that is how to communicate, types of activities which your audience prefer.  Firstly you have to search about these questions and to make the beauty of email marketing you can add some data and critical insight about your recipients by which you can make some changes in program for precede.

    2. Create email strategy:

    If don’t get success which you want then don’t be upset, you have first make a plan. Let’s come in email you can define about your audience in which what they want that you have to contain. So once you define your audience then you have to build your list and you can also use social media with option form on website by using existing customer list. Now you have to make a content strategy list to drive conversion like will you have an email newsletter, create plan and attach some goals.  

    3. Pay attention to email design:

    A beautiful email will help to stand in an inbox which already cluttered and bombarded with messages. If you are started with email marketing then you can use canvas which is very good to use. As my experience it is best and easy to use tools, you can play it with to create own template or get some inspiration from their rich templates. You can also use reallygoodemails where you can get a good collection of emails from popular brands.  

    4. A/B test subject lines and email copy:

    You know one thing is always remain true in which context is no matter but you can learn more about your audience from a/b testing and audience’s behavior also changes a lot over time so there is need for testing, improving and learning your landing pages and emails. Now coming on general testing topic you can use many tools which can help you. You know about mail trap, it is easily and safely test email functionality which can capture your test mails and also provide option for debugging and inspecting your templates.

    5. Pay attention to list growth:

    Everyone knows that email list is growing all time and it is also result of how much you give hard work to marketing efforts. But it doesn’t important that how much your marketing campaigns is good, you always lose some subscribers. One reason is also you know that is some email address goes expire and people move on and don’t want to receive email messages from your side but don’t be panic. The one thing which is all business do that is to give attention to grow subscriber’s list and keep it at a healthy size.

    6. Be Human in language:

    You know nobody want to talked or feeling like that they are a number so when you writing emails then make sure talking like a real human and add address readers like you, you are contain as second person which can make the content to feel like you are directly speaking them. Another way to feel like human is to ask for feedback and input from readers, also do thank them for reading and encourage about to know the value of their business.

    7. Choose right time to send email:

    Everyone has confusion about the right time to send email newsletters. As you know everyone person has a different schedules and you have also some target which is also be unique. A good strategy is to send email at different times and analysis which time of week and day will give you best open rate. If you don’t know then you have to know that many email automation tools will give offer to spilt delivery with different time zones which make it easy.

    8. Send Mobile friendly emails:

    As you know 70% users will use phone or tablet to read emails so always make sure that your email are mobile friendly because you know most people check their phone for calls, emails and messages when they wake up and that time if your email  doesn’t response then you get miss. So in this time either your email will delete or unsubscribe by customers. If they don’t do this then there is no chance to read which failed the purpose of sending them.

    9. Grow your subscriber list:

    You can’t engage customers without growing email list so your first step to grow is to offer valuable content on your site. Then new customers will also find your videos and article through online search first and then from there you can give some offer for subscribe. You know people are not excited to sign up to receive new emails so you have to find some new ways to incentive them like give discount on first order to an eBook, video course or webinar is also a good way.

    10. Ask Customer for feedback and suggestions:

    It is the best way to provide customer what they want by asking to customers what they want. This strategy will involve customers and you got all the information about customer’s needs, wants and opinion which place you in better position to offer good content. You have to always ask for feedback about your products, your service and inquire for improvement. You can also use radio button, checkboxes and incentive to take a survey.

    Bottom Line:

    You know all customers receive 100 emails per day so you have to make your email strategy different which can attract people. Many businesses make mistakes of send email with no consistently so it is a big mistake. You can use these email marketing strategy to create boost conversion, gain loyal and engaging emails. Now you know about what you have to do about email marketing.

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