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    Added on 30 July

    How to Use Social Media for Starting your Business

    30 July

    There are nearly twice as many (4.2 billion active users) active social media users today as there were only five years ago. Every day, these users spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media. Social media has become an inseparable part of our daily lives over time. For better or worse, social networks have a significant impact on our lives, from day-to-day decisions to business ideas and professional choices.

    The social media tools that have been created over the time, let business accounts promote their products and make it more popular and recognizable. Here are some useful tips and steps on how to promote your business via social media platforms.

    Have a daily plan

    People check their social media accounts almost every minute during the day. So, they like scrolling the feed and see fresh posts with eye-catching pictures, or scroll the story section and enjoy the live moments. Business accounts who want to have unique and interesting pages both informative and aesthetic, first of all, they need to have a daily plan.

    Planning your daily posts for social media accounts beforehand, will let you be more organized and have enough time to create interesting and appropriate posts for every account, because every social media platforms have their requirements and features. And also, It will be more productive to follow social trends to be more up-to-date and never lose an interest. Without a plan you will be confused about what is your goal and what really you want to achieve by entering social media platforms.

    For Facebook accounts it’s really good to upload creative pictures which will be accompanied with a short and meaningful caption. Instagram story ideas which are planned in advance, will be a nice suit for Instagram account engagement and promotion. You tube platform is a little special, as there are millions of videos, the best solution to differ from others, is to create trendy and original covers and designs by random shape generator.

    Research the competitors

    Before starting your activity, it will be a wise decision to research your competitor’s accounts to see how they think, what they create and at least you wouldn’t copy their posts in the future. The “healthy” analysis of your competitors and also the daily media audit will let you be aware of news, trends and the chance of being unique will rise. While surfing the web, new ideas will come.

    What platforms are right for you?

    If you want your business to be promoted and famous, you need to choose your audience. As there are lots of people on social media platforms, the audience is also different out there. So being active in top social media platforms is good, but choosing the one that perfectly fits your business goals is one of the best decisions.

    Every platform has its features and style, audience and age, so one of them will work “for you”, which best suits your business requirements and goals. If you want to inform your audience about cryptocurrency, about its history, news, purpose and types, and you chose for one of the videos the topic about Litecoin, the best platform for this is You tube, for sure. This platform gives a chance to create many videos, record the text and mix it with many pictures. Audiovisual materials work better, especially for the topics that are relatively new for the audience.

    Relationship with an audience

    Communication is always a good idea almost everywhere and every aspect of life. Business is related to people and consumers, and if you want your business to be famous and well-known among consumers, you need to communicate with them via social media accounts.

    The posts that contain questions, will let users comment above the post and have their participant in your business and they may feel that they’re the part of the business. Always be aware of what they’re saying or even complaining about. Opinion of the consumer is one of the key points of business success.

    Periodical competitions for consumers  via social media will be good. Mention them in stories and posts, they really like it. It creates a positive illusion that they are important for your business.

    Be creative and always get inspired

    Besides all, the creative part for every business has a significant role. So if you want your business accounts be original, good-looking, trendy and also informative, you must always get inspired from many sources, read and watch different materials and articles related to your business field: Take inspiration from success business stories, so that there's a great chance that it may work for your business progression.

    No matter what size your business is, social media tools will surely help to successfully promote your business, of course after you follow a few steps and tips that are important to learn.

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