Desert Farms

  • United Kingdom
Desert Farms is among the most credible camel milk suppliers in the UK where you will find raw camel milk, milk powder, and camel milk beauty products.
  • United Kingdom
Added on 25 May 2022

Why is Camel Milk Powder a great source of protein?


This Powder is made from 100% Whole Camel Milk.

This powder is made from whole camel milk, which is the only ingredient. We use a patented drying method that is best and keeps the freshness of the milk so well that when our camel milk powder is mixed with water, it is almost the same as fresh camel milk, with all of the complex molecules that make up the taste, color, and nutrition still intact. To buy now, go to our website now!

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The camel milk supplied from here is - Farm-bottled, non-GMO, No hormones, Non- homogenized, Additive-free, Gluten-free, BPA-free, Pasture-raised, No preservative, Grass-fed and Wheat-free. The company More
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