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    Added on 03 November 2022

    What are the Main Causes of Root Infection?

    03 November 2022

    Oral hygiene is one of the most important things to care for. This is because our teeth have several different layers. And if neglected it can cause major health issues without even you experiencing any signs. One such infection that is hard to rectify is the root canal.

    It is an infection that may affect your overall teeth health without any symptoms. Not only does this infection require complete treatment from a dentist Dallas but also better understanding. So here is everything you need to know about root infection.

    What Does Root Canal Infection Mean?

    An infection of the root canals, which are tunnels from the crown to the pulp and are present naturally in teeth, is referred to as a root canal infection. This infection often results in gum pain, gum swelling, and gum redness.

    If you're suffering from this infection, you can opt for a dentist freehold NJ for the treatment. Therefore the pulp in your teeth can be removed during a surgery called a root canal. In this procedure the root is cleaned, shaped, sterilized, filled, and sealed.

    Does Root Infection Spread to Other Gums and Teeth?

    Similar to other infections, a root canal infection as well has the potential to spread to nearby oral tissues, such as the cheeks, gums, and face tissue. This means the more you wait, the more it may spread. Therefore, the illness won't go away until it is treated.

    Besides, if you're wondering how far the infections can spread, then it completely depends on how quickly you seek medical attention after knowing the symptoms. Furthermore, if you want to stop the infection from spreading to the tooth itself or the nearby teeth and tissues, then seek immediate treatment from a reputed dentist within a few hours or days of the infection beginning.

    If neglected, a root canal infection can spread far beyond the tooth. The infection may spread to the cheek, jaw, or even circulation.

    Reasons Behind a Root Canal Infection

    Wondering what causes root canal infection? So here are the reasons behind the infection:

    • Your root canals may have a very complex shape, and the initial operation may miss infected areas.
    • It's possible that the root canal procedure didn't thoroughly clean and disinfect any narrow or curved canals in your tooth.
    • Additionally, your tooth may contain additional accessory canals that house bacteria that might cause a tooth to get infected again.
    • Delaying the placement of the crown or other permanent restoration after treatment could let dangerous bacteria get back into your tooth.
    • After treatment, your tooth may develop a new cavity, crack, or damage, which could cause a new root canal infection.

    Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

    As said earlier, root infections are often recognized late. So to help you understand the health of your oral hygiene and to save you from major issues, here are some symptoms that reflect the root canal infection :

    • If you're experiencing constant tooth discomfort, this could be ongoing or intermittent.
    • A fractured or infected tooth's discomfort and sensitivity might be relieved by root canal therapy. Another sign is sensitivity and pain in the gums, face and root surfaces as well as swollen glands.
    • When infected teeth start to produce issues like gum swelling, it enlarges the gum and root canal therapy becomes necessary.
    • Another sign of root canal infection is tooth decay. When the nerves of a tooth have perished due to injury or decay, root canal therapy can help save the tooth.
    • In addition to causing discomfort, root canal infections leave a bad taste in your mouth due to the abscessed tissue. This is yet another sign you should worry about.
    • Other signs of root canal infection include sore throats, earaches, discomfort when speaking, pneumonia, chills, collection of pus and fever.

    Tips to Prevent Root Canal Infection

    Here are some best tips that will help you prevent root canal infections :

    • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. Make sure to reach every corner of your mouth.
    • To keep your teeth healthy and prevent them from all types of diseases, opt for a dental cleaning twice a year.
    • To prevent infections, replace your toothbrush every month.
    • If you see any sign of bacteria or symptoms related to root canal infection, immediately opt for a dentist nearby.

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