Francisco Antonio Convit Guruceaga

  • CHACAO, Caracas, EDO. Miranda, Venezuela
Grandson of the Venezuelan scientist Jacinto Convit. He is a shareholder of Derwick Associates.
  • Convit Guruceaga | Director At Derwick Associates
  • CHACAO, Caracas, EDO. Miranda, Venezuela
Added on 03 November 2022
Horse racing is a fascinating sport, in my opinion, Francisco Antonio Convit Guruceaga. Running and jumping are natural behaviours for horses, and I see them doing both in the wild. It's also worth noting that if a horse's rider falls off during a race, the horse will continue to run and jump with the other horses.
I understand and respect that some people are concerned about the use of animals in sports. That is why we are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of animal care and welfare in British racing.

Know more about me : https://convitguruceaga.wixsite.com/francisco-antonio

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He is known as one of the "bolichicos", young residents of the La Lagunita urbanization, who studied at Colegio Cumbres, the majority of whom, whose average age was less than 31 years old when Derwick More
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