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    Added on 26 December 2018

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Business- A Lucrative Business Opportunity

    26 December 2018

    If you are reading this article, this means that you already know about cryptocurrency in general. You are researching how to start a cryptocurrency business and as a prerequisite, you must have already done your research on bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchains. However, for those who have only recently heard about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchains, I will most probably attribute it to the recent coverage of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general on news.

    Like a solar eclipse, Bitcoin’s meteoric rise to the value of about 20,000 USD per bitcoin has put cryptocurrencies in the spotlight. Whether it be financial news or technological news, we are being constantly bombarded with information regarding cryptocurrencies.

    So, whether you decide to invest into bitcoin, altcoins, and cryptocurrencies or not, I will personally recommend everyone to at least have a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and the technology behind it. Cryptocurrencies bring with it not just a new form of currency, but a decentralized system of currency with no third party overseeing every transaction (No central banks or government snooping through your transactions). If you have read George Orwell’s masterpiece ‘Big Brother’ (Nineteen Eighty-Four), you will be able to identify these banks and government as ‘The Man’. I feel that this is the reason behind government and central bank’s crackdown on cryptocurrency trading.

    Cryptocurrency is a new model for building products and distributing ownership with no central authority presiding over it. So the faster you realize the fact that blockchain will transform our day to day life, the easier this transformation will be. This realization brings with it the confirmation that blockchain will have an impact on our daily lives.

    So, when will blockchain hit everyone? Will the government adopt this new policy? Well, there are signs that this is happening already. China, one of bitcoin’s most hated adversary have shunned bitcoin. They have blocked access to all domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges and ICO websites. This led to an immediate 6% decline in bitcoin prices. They have even scrubbed all cryptocurrency related materials from their search engine and firewalled everything pertaining to cryptocurrency.

    As you can see, China vehemently opposes cryptocurrency. However, very few people know that China is a big blockchain enthusiast. They have numerous research centers that are studying the blockchain technology. So, you can see that even the most hating Chinese have started to adopt blockchain, the rest of the world will surely follow the blockchain technology trend.

    With the inevitable inclusion of cryptocurrency in our day to day life, the only way for faster facilitation is with the start-up of businesses with new ideas related to cryptocurrency. This helps with cryptocurrency’s visibility and legitimacy with the general public. So what are the various businesses you can open with regards to cryptocurrency?

    There is a various business model based on cryptocurrency in the market at the moment. Some of these are cryptocurrency exchanges, new cryptocurrency token for every sector, new cryptocurrency payment solutions and etc. You can also start your own cryptocurrency exchange business with the help of an exchange script.

    Cryptocurrency business plan:

    According to their website, the startup is easing the process of starting a cryptocurrency based business. With the free to download cryptocurrency exchange script, you can start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform in a jiffy. What about starting a cryptocurrency exchange? Well, www.cryptoexchangescript.com have your back. Their intuitive cryptocurrency exchange software can be easily integrated into anything. Furthermore, with features such as Hot and Cold wallet, they provide a level of security and safety that you will surely need with the growing list of digital thefts all over the world.

    How about starting a cryptocurrency hedge fund? This allows rich investors to ride the high volatility of cryptocurrency while leaving the technicalities of cryptocurrency and blockchain to experts. You can use the free to download cryptocurrency exchange script to start a cryptocurrency hedge fund immediately.

    There will still be numerous people who will vehemently not use this free to download script. Maybe the lies and false stories on the internet have made us cynical in nature, however, if you have to walk 10 miles and a passerby offers you a hitchhike, will you take it or not? This is the same case with cryptoexchangescript.com, why build brick by brick when you get the full house for free?


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