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    Added on 21 December 2018

    What You Need to Know About School Uniforms

    21 December 2018

    Students may be reprimanded for occasionally ignoring school uniform rules, but not many of us realise that wearing one is more valuable than we think.

    More than 10 years ago, the Schoolwear Association commissioned a study involving research scholars from Oxford Brookes University. The group conducted focus group discussions with students between 13 and 17 years old in a bid to extract their personal opinions and observations in as far as uniform design and wearing of school uniforms are concerned. 

    Advantage of School Uniforms

    In the FSDs conducted, most teenagers revealed that a school uniform policy saves them a lot of time and effort. They did not have to fuss over what to wear each day or worry about what others might say about their attire. 

    The study also established that a school uniform helps students find a common ground. Moreover, it encourages students to concentrate on their school activities whilst fostering a sense of belongingness and pride, particularly if they're wearing it in a public venue.

    Wearing school uniforms has become more important especially during these times. According to studies, millions of young people under 18 years old have mental health issues. There are possibly more out there who go through life without sufficient treatment. 

    Key Takeaway

    This is not to say that school uniforms can ultimately solve the mental health concerns of the youth. However, wearing school uniforms does promote self-confidence, a sense of achievement and belongingness, and a regard for academic responsibilities. At the very least, it reduces the sources of stress children are subjected to as they go about their school activities. Schoolwork is one thing, but emotional stress caused by little concerns (e.g. making appearances in school) is more than enough to derail a child's growth. 

    The lack of dress codes bring forth unexpected problems such as peer pressure, social hierarchy and the link. School uniforms, however, reinforce the need for children to focus on their education instead.


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