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Added on 16 September 2020

Features of a bike rental software you might be forgetting

16 September 2020

One of mankind’s greatest inventions was the invention of the wheel. An invention that was most likely accidental when you think about it. Yet it spawned a butterfly effect over thousands of years. When the industrial revolution came, we finally started to move on from horses to trains. Eventually, we settled on bikes and cars, which are now in high demand. If you’re planning to start a bike rental service, you will need a companion app. This article will help you get through some of the must-have features of a bike rental software.

Trim your interface:

The most important aspect of any good software is its interface. You can have all the backend code you want but if it doesn’t look appealing and if it’s a pain to navigate, most of your prospective customers will give up quickly. Create a user interface that is simple but still pleasing to look at. Getting the correct color combination is pretty much half the work of UI development. Don’t clutter the menu with many options.  This can help people who normally don’t use phone applications much.

Easy to book:

Remember, your customer is going to download your application for the sole purpose of booking a bike. Any online software for booking bike rentals must be quick and straight to the point. Slowing down the process will discourage customers from coming back.

Versatile payment options:

If you want your company to appeal to the widest demographic possible, you must understand that not everyone will be using the same payment method. The rise of UPI software such as Tez and PayTM has made online payments extremely quick and easy. Not including support for such software would be a glaring error and can hamper your company’s prospects.


Every online booking software for bike rentals must come with an anti-theft feature. Not doing so can result in your company losing valuable assets. Having Bluetooth and GPS tracking services such as GPS alarms can help determine if your bikes are safe or not.

Dynamic fares:

When starting, you need to woo customers. This means you have to compromise and be flexible with your fares. Your fares can vary with the time of day, traffic, demand, and other factors. Having a fixed high fare will not help your cause. Offer discounts and exciting coupons whenever necessary.

Location tracking:

Another no brainer for a bike rental software solution. Location tracking is used by pretty much any application these days. This should work in tandem with the anti-theft feature. Having location tracking means you can collect data about what types of bikes are on the move and what bikes are not.

Option to choose customized helmets:

This isn’t mandatory but it’s still a feature that could be used to make your application stand out. In countries like India, helmets are mandatory. Allowing the user to select what type of helmet they want can pay dividends, especially among the younger public.

Overall the goal of a bike rental software is to not be complex but simple and seamless as possible. You can always take a look at similar bike rental software for inspiration to work on, Get a free demo from http://www.carrentingsolution.com/

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