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    Added on 31 December 2021

    Why The English Language Is More Important Than Ever For Your Career

    31 December 2021

    You've probably heard plenty of times before that English is the global language of business, and this remains true to this day. However, there have been claims in some quarters that English is less important than it used to be, and that it may not be the dominant lingua franca for much longer.

    From what we can see, this is most definitely not the case and won't be within the foreseeable future, either. Here's why English is more important for your career right now than ever before.

    The Only Global Language

    There's no getting around this one: English is the only language that could possibly be described as global. It's the only language that's widely spoken in every country on Earth and is also regarded as the working language for most of the world's multinational companies.

    For some, the first step is truly the hardest. Where to begin on your journey to learn English? Firstly, it's important to establish exactly what it is that you're wanting to learn. There are numerous elements to learning a new language or refining your basic knowledge of one and having a clear objective will help you to remain focused.

    Leading English tutoring platforms conveniently offer online courses that address various elements of the English language, be it in a speaking capacity, brushing up on grammar skills, using a more professionally polished business mode of English, and, of course, a comprehensive beginners level. They also allow users to further tailor their experience to their own learning styles by being able to select a tutor of their choice.

    It's definitely worth looking into these platforms if you're looking to revise your English language skills.

    The Language of Key Economies

    Around the world, 1.5 billion people speak English. In addition, English is the official and native language in some of the world's most important economies. It's the de facto official language of the United States, the world's largest economy and also the language of the UK, one of the world's most globalized economies and the second-largest European economy.

    Meanwhile, commercial and industrial titans such as Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore all rely on English. If you conduct any business with these countries, it's an unspoken expectation that you'll need to be fluent in English.

    A Rapidly Growing Language

    A lot of people already speak English, but that doesn't mean that there aren't people still eager to learn. Global demand for English-language instruction is continuing to grow at a record pace, with an estimated 2 billion people expected to be learning the language this year. 100,000 new positions for English-language teachers open up around the world every single year - that's how much people want to master the language.

    The Language of the Internet

    The internet has now evolved to become the essential infrastructure through which we live much of our lives. Working, learning, socializing, and everyday life admin are all reliant on the internet. Given that more than half of all web pages are written in English (a share that's growing with each passing year), it's clear that those who are able to master the language will be much better adapted to the digital age. The language of the internet is English, and there's truly no indication that this will change at any time in the near future.

    Learning English is vital for your professional development in more ways than one. If you want to work abroad, engage with overseas markets, access vital information, and stay on top of prevailing economic trends, now is the time to hit the books and improve your English.

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