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  • 315, Patel Avenue, S G Road Ahmedabad, India
CAD Outsourcing Services is a renowned India based Engineering Company mainly caters to CADD based CAD Design, CAD Drafting, 3D Modeling Services worldwide.
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  • 315, Patel Avenue, S G Road Ahmedabad, India
Added on 22 May 2019
#CADOutsourcing covered a large area in #BIMFabrication and #PreFabrication that goes beyond the national reach and also formed itself into international horizon. BIM Fabrication and Pre-fabrication is an approach that utilized the digitized information to support the molding of material assemblage. #BIMPrefabrication is a key solution of #BuildingInformationModeling that strengthens the standard practice of Building Information Modeling. Along with BIM Fabrication and Pre-fabrication, CAD Outsourcing also provide the #BIMOutsourcing, #BIMDrafting, BIM Design Solution, #BIMEngineering, 3D and 4D CAD Building Models and 4D Construction Planning.

Benefits of BIM Fabrication and Pre-fabrication:
- Assurance of best quality data
- Minimize resistances through machine creation and construction
- Minimum lead time
- Adaptability in configuration
- Less dependability in 2D drawings and more work through 3D modeling
- Extend creation, construction, efficiency and security

Visit http://www.cadoutsourcing.net/building-information-modelling/cambridge-cad-bim-services.html for in-depth details.

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