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Added on 09 August

The Lovely Pear

09 August

Summer is famous for its delicious fruits and vegetables. We love them, and our organism needs the vitamins inside them. There are multiple different ways to cook them or eat them raw. We are going to share some interesting information about pears. Before proceeding to our link we would love you to test your luck at a live casino and try to win your first jackpot.


The pear is good both on its own and in various dishes. It is tasty both fresh and baked, stewed, fried, stewed

Biologists believe that pears "originate" from Persia and Armenia. From there they spread to Ancient Greece and other Mediterranean countries. The pear first came to Russia in the 15th century and has been very popular ever since. In addition to excellent taste, this fruit is a real pantry of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Pear fruits contain large amounts of vitamins E, P, A, C, group B, PP, pectins, catechins, salts of iron, copper, manganese, potassium, iodine, calcium, molybdenum, cobalt, as well as tannins and fiber. All of them improve the work of the digestive system. There is more fructose in pears than glucose. That is useful for disorders of the pancreas. Thanks to this, pears are allowed for diabetes and obesity (in moderation).

Pears contain many unique substances such as antioxidants that protect the body from aging and normalize blood pressure. They also prevent heart and vascular diseases. Also, fresh ripe pears contain a lot of vitamin C and copper, which together contribute to the prevention of cancer.

So Many Different Pears

In shops and markets, you can find many varieties of pears. Consider only the most popular.

Duchess is from France. The color of the fruit is bright yellow, and the sides of the fruit are pinkish. Duchess is a pear that is very fragrant, juicy, and tasty, but quickly deteriorates.

Williams. This yellow-green pear with reddish sides and tender and juicy flesh come from England. The variety is often used for baby food, it makes good purees and mousses.

The Chinese pear is shaped like an apple. Its fruits are creamy, and the taste is crispy, not very sweet, and slightly harsh. It can be stored for a very long time.

Conference. It has an elongated shape and a tough green skin, and the flesh is juicy and very sweet, some ripe pears of this variety even seem too sweet.

Packham. The pear is greenish-yellow in color, not as sweet and more tart than Conference. Well kept.

Abbot. An elongated yellow pear with red barrels, the peel is covered with brown dots. This is normal. Quite sweet and mild, although usually more expensive than other varieties.

Forest beauty, Talgar beauty. The first is usually brought from the Krasnodar Territory, the second from Kazakhstan. Pears of this variety comes from the Krasnodar Territory. These small pears are juicy, and moderately sweet, but do not lie for long.

How To Pick And Store?

Pears are most often harvested in an unripe form - they ripen during transportation. In stores and markets, it is also better to choose slightly hard pears. They will lie down for a few days at home and ripen, while fruits that are too soft should be eaten or cooked right on the day of purchase. A ripe and tasty pear cannot be as hard as a rock.

It is better to choose fruits with stalks that have not had time to dry completely. They will be stored better and longer.

Imported pears, in order for them to be stored longer and easier to transport, are coated with a special composition. They can be distinguished by their gloss and greasy greasy surface to the touch. Before eating or cooking such fruits, they must be thoroughly washed or peeled off.

Pears are stored in a dark, cool place. But if you need them to ripen faster, you should transfer them to heat.


From a pear, oddly enough, unsweetened dishes are prepared much more often than sweet dishes. Often this fruit can be found in a snack or in a meat dish. For a snack, pears are stuffed. They make a salad with it or bake it on toast, a very interesting combination is obtained with liver pate. In a hot dish, a pear feels greatly baked (for example, with pork or duck) or even fried.

Pear is great with meat as a side dish. It is good to use it as a filling for stuffing, and the combination of pear both sweet and sour with cheese works perfectly in salads. It is good to boil sweet pears in wine. Their porous pulp quickly absorbs its color, aroma, and taste.

When it comes to sweets, for those desserts in which the pear retains its shape. It is better to take juicy but firm pears. For jams, jams, fillings for pies, and similar dishes, soft fruits are suitable.

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