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    Added on 28 September

    Life Hacks To Start A Startup Without Spending A Lot Of Money On Marketing

    28 September

    The term "startup" refers to a relatively new company that is building its business foundation of innovation, technology advancements, and exclusive offerings in the marketplace. It's a business that is not yet on the market or has only recently begun to make its debut and has a limited amount of resources.

    It is an unwise business, one which "either works or it doesn't." The risks are evident every day which makes owners anxious, and this isn't to be taken lightly 90% of new businesses fail, while 10% fail and do not last even for a single year.

    There are numerous aspects that influence the growth of a business:

    • Qualitative analysis. Think about everything that could affect your business today and in the future. What is the uniqueness of your business? What are its benefits to the users? What issues will it solve? What's its value of it in comparison to other products? What is the level of competition in the industry you're trying to get into? What are your ideal clients? The answers to these and other questions will aid you in avoiding the risk of failure. However, the answers should be organized and clear. In order to make an educated choice, you need to understand how markets function as well as the basics of business and other aspects of the business.

    • Team. Most startups have at minimum at least two founding members. However, don't solely rely on "combat units. "combat units". There are experts that have to do the work you're not a specialist in. The sharing of work among competent people who know the best ways to handle it is one of the most essential aspects of growing your business.

    • Finances. Startups generally have a smaller budget. However, you shouldn't focus on the money you've accumulated or earned through the job you're currently working in. You should consider looking for grants and competitions, as well as investments in the area of technology. This can increase the budget of your company and open up more opportunities.

    We've now shared with you the most well-known methods as well as life hacks that need the use of no funds to support startups.

    01. No office

    You are allowed to quit without an office

    Many Silicon Valley unicorn startups started in garages. There's not a single startup that isn't going to be able to be successful due to the absence of a formal office.

    In fact, rental payments make up the majority or even 50% of the total cost.

    Additionally, in the instance of outsourcing or freelance work, it's possible it's physically impossible to connect all of your employees together. Your employees may be scattered all over the world.

    A lack of a place to work can be a benefit when it comes to hiring. According to research 85 percent of employees who commute frequently prefer to work at their homes "remote working".

    Sometimes your startup team will require members to work together. For instance, employees don't have the possibility of working at their homes or managing without meetings for business.

    In this case, you could rent an office that is part of a business that is just starting. Co-working spaces and anti-cafes can be great options. Most likely, they will be less expensive than the rental for commercial buildings as well as the ongoing maintenance.

    02. The number of employees is not always the best

    Don't increase the number of employees. Employ the minimum number of employees. It is not necessary to "close" all positions in order to make a good product. To complete specific tasks, it is possible to employ outsourcing services.

    Start by calculating the economic situation before taking an informed choice on hiring experts for your team. Perform certain tasks yourself. If you must employ staff for payroll, the cost could be considerably lower.

    Remote work reduces expenses to pay employees. In addition, there is no reason to spend a large sum of funds on office equipment or maintenance.

    Do not be afraid to hire students, young experts, and talented trainees. Find people in areas where wages are less than the average for metropolitan areas, and their skills are not significantly different.

    03. Solutions that are affordable or cost-free

    Don't buy unnecessary homes that comprise offices. Don't buy equipment for employees who are able to use their computers. It is better to lease the equipment along with the intention of reducing any loss in their property.

    Cloud services are available at a discounted price. In the event that less than five users will be using the service, it's completely cost-free. To meet the requirements of your business, use free email and other communication applications.

    Designers that are popular and easy to use can be utilized to design your site. For example, WordPress or Tilda. Initially, the site can run well on the standard platforms. Furthermore, many themes, plugins, themes, and widgets have been developed for them.

    04. Quality in Content

    In the case of Content Marketing, It is not uncommon to find that the focus is on quantity, not quality. But, this isn't the best approach to this kind of marketing. Instead, you should concentrate on quality over anything else. This is essential in branding, as well as for building credibility as a respected and respected person in your industry.

    It is best to produce content less often, but you should always make sure that the effort is worthwhile. If you're unable to find in-house writers, you are able to hire freelancers for writing content. A website such as StudyCrumb can assist in the search for writers. Be aware of the fact that freelancers are as skilled in their work as internal writers.

    05. Discounts

    Raise your ties. Explore ways you can help others by providing discounts on technology, marketing, and other products. Talk to lawyers you are familiar with and agree to delay the payments they make until you have completed this round of financing.

    Select a hosting provider which offers discounts. If you've had a small turnover, you'll be free of an accountant in chief. Use an online accounting system.

    In addition, you will be able to cut down on taxes. For example, if your company is operating in the IT sector, taxes can be anywhere around 4 to 7% of the revenue.

    A lot of foundations offer grants to individuals who are young and gifted. For example, when the company is related to research.

    Funds do not just help with financial matters but can also assist in the form of mentoring which is extremely advantageous.

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