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    Added on 25 July 2022

    Stretch Film Wrap: The Perfect Packaging Material For Your Business

    25 July 2022

    Plastics find multiple applications in different industries, from products to packaging. You will find umpteen applications of plastics. The focus of this blog will be on stretch film wrap. These are very popular for packaging products. Known for their superior quality and performance, this is a good choice.

    One of its unique features is that it is highly stretchable, and hence, it is a good choice for packaging. You can get them in different types and so you can pick the one that best matches your requirements.

    Benefits of Using Stretch Film Wrap

    Prevents against weather impact

    Packaging then stretches film to be an effective option. It keeps the product free of moisture, dust, and dirt. Also, there are minimal shipping damages. Besides, there is a special type of structure of the film which provides UV protection as well.

    A cost-effective option

    In addition to providing complete protection to the package objects, a stretch film wrap also proves to be a budget-friendly packaging solution. Every company allocates its budget to different departments, and hence one must find the best and optimal solution within this range. Stretch film wrap is a cost-effective option. It is less expensive compared to other alternatives.

    Stretch wrapping is efficient

    Products that are wrapped using stretch files can be easily scanned through. Also, it is easier for the workers to wrap it using this film. Thus, it saves time and proves to be highly productive.

    Different Types of Stretch Film Wrap- Points To Note

    When we talk about a stretch film wrap, it is of different types. Each of these has specific features which make it useful for packaging. The following section highlights the details of the same, and it will help you find the best type of stretch film wrap for packaging:

    Blown stretch film

    These are a good choice if you want to package the high force products. These offer superior resistance to puncture. In appearance, they are dull but are very noisy. So, while unwrapping, you have to bear with it.

    Hand stretch film

    Stretch film wraps are ideal option for wrapping lightweight products. One must be very meticulous while handling the hand stretch film. If the film is not handled properly while wrapping, you may end up damaging the item. These are also known as pallet wrap or hand wrap.

    Converted films

    As you can infer from the name, this film is stretched before wrapping the product. One of the unique features of this stretch wrap is that it can be recycled. Moreover, you don’t need too much-converted film wrap to package the load. Hence, you can save time and money.

    Cast stretch film

    The stretch film wrap has a glossy finishing and offers tear resistance. These are easy to wrap around and can be easily unwinder.

    Machine stretch film

    This film is wrapped using a machine. This film is easier to use as compared to the manual stretch film. Besides, it also reduced the cost. It's easy to use and offers efficient packaging.

    By now, you know about the different types of stretch wrap films and their key features. This will help you finalize the best type of stretch film for packaging.


    At the end of the day, packaging products is a meticulous task and requires precision. The right choice of packaging material ensures that the packaging is done aptly and there is no damage to the item. In such cases, stretch film wrap can help you serve your purpose.


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