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    Added on 14 June 2022

    Can A Hospitality Recruiter Help You Meet Your Executive Search Needs

    14 June 2022

    When a company struggles to fill positions, the entire company must work to pick up the slack. When that void continues to be left open, it can become likened to a black hole. Not only does it suck in time from those immediately around the void, but anyone who works closely with them must then pick up the potential slack from that person as they work two positions.

    Using a recruitment firm, you can keep those black holes from forming and sucking in time, effort, and energy from your employees. Below, we provide some basic information on what to look for when hiring executive hospitality recruiters who can handle your hiring needs. Finding the best firm for your company can help you find the best staff for the position and help with recruitment and hiring by acting as a middleman between candidates and your company.

    Finding the Best Match

    The first step to finding a recruitment firm that will mesh well with your company is searching for one that fits your industry. There are a lot of recruitment firms in the hospitality industry that work across the world. There are also many that work in specific locations to help pull in local help when that is preferred.

    To find a good fit for your company, it is a good idea to talk to others in your industry and find out their opinions on various recruitment agencies. If you are unsure what else constitutes a good fit, click here.

    Assuming you have similar opinions to your peers, this can help narrow down the search to a firm that shares your ideas when it comes to recruitment.

    First Contact

    Once you have located the best recruitment firm for your hospitality company, you simply need to reach out. Firms can generally be found across the social media spectrum, including LinkedIn. Each company will usually have a phone and email to contact them with and schedule a meeting. Once first contact is established, you can focus on gathering information on what you expect from their candidate before your meeting.

    Preparing to Meet

    First and foremost, establish the budget for bringing on your new executive and how much you are willing to pay the agency for recruitment. With a budget established, you can move on to what else you might need, such as this list here: https://www.apollotechnical.com/working-with-staffing-agencies/. This list includes precise job requirements. If you are unsure what is required in the position, discuss it with those currently covering the position and look into what you expect of the position.

    Once those two have been established, you can investigate whether or not you need this position. If the responsibilities have been successfully taken over by others, the position may become redundant. Rather than hiring, your budget may be better used by those currently undertaking the previous executive’s responsibilities.

    The Meeting

    Now that you are prepared comes the meeting itself. It is best to be direct and honest with recruiting firms. They need to know exactly who you need in this position. Your ideal candidate should be outlined very clearly with the position’s responsibilities written in detail. If they do not have this information, they may be forced to make assumptions that prove false.

    The Recruitment Process

    Once they have the information, they will move on to looking for potential candidates. You should understand that if you are looking for high-level executives, it may take time for them to contact and receive information from potential candidates. Resumes may take a little longer to receive but will be close if not exactly what you need.

    Should you receive a resume that does not fit what you are looking for, contact the firm and make sure they understand what you are looking for. To err is human and if there was a miscommunication, it should be cleared up effectively. As with some positions, it is possible the candidate may not fit 100%, but recruitment agencies also look at a person’s past projects and how they will fit into a company.

    Once an ideal candidate is brought forward, an offer can be validated with your company, and you can go forward with the hiring process. Confirm all the information including salary and benefits along with responsibilities expected and ensure the candidate fits the position.

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