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    Added on 28 April

    Tangible Ways to Improve Your Business Value With Data Analytics

    28 April

    There’s no denying that data analytics can help any business reach new heights. But how exactly do they work, and what are the tangible ways they can boost business value? Answering those questions is the first step to better decision-making and healthy growth. That’s why Zumvu has provided this list of common outcomes of analytics for companies of all kinds:

    Optimized Workflows    

    Every business must execute many different processes efficiently if they hope to succeed long-term. Business process management (BPM) is critical for optimizing workflows and ensuring employees remain compliant with company policies. Ultimately, effective BPM can save your business time and money and open up doors to growth.

    The right BPM and automation tools will analyze the interactions between people, systems, and data, in turn boosting efficiency among your processes and workflows. Operations that were once laborious will be streamlined, allowing your team to work more productively toward your goals. Keep in mind that you will need to continually track the effectiveness of your BPM framework and use the information to make proactive changes to your processes.

    Predictive Analytics    

    If you want your team to make better decisions going forward, employing predictive analytics is a surefire way to do it. More employees will be able to solve complicated analytics problems if you make data science capabilities more accessible.

    The right AI tools can help your company democratize advanced analysis. And we all know how much an accurate prediction can help us strategize for the future!

    Data Literacy    

    Data literacy is becoming more and more of a required skill for virtually all job candidates (whereas only data scientists and analysts had to worry about it before). With that in mind, it's crucial for your team to mature in data literacy and focus on exploring, learning, and communicating with data.

    Becoming more adept at understanding and handling data will go a long way in boosting confidence in your organization's decision-making and growth strategies. There are many third-party programs to get your team on board with analytics, and holding internal training sessions could also help prepare your employees.

    Subject Matter Expertise      

    Data analytics from your team's performance can help you identify employees and leaders in each department who are experts in specific skills and specialties. For example, if a team member spends too long on a certain task and delivers poor results, you can assume that the task falls out of their current skill set. You can then delegate such tasks to other team members or invest in training the struggling employee.

    It's also important to find subject matter experts among your team who can monitor your data and analytics projects and give feedback on your teams’ performance. These experts can ensure that teams are creating data assets in the proper business context; that way, the entire organization can use the data to work toward its overarching goals.

    Goal Setting    

    You can't talk about business growth without discussing goals. Establishing attainable yet challenging goals is critical for any company that wishes to expand or sustain long-term success. And data analytics will help you to set goals that will move your organization in the right direction. Analytics will even help you develop plans and strategies for achieving those goals.

    Furthermore, we all know that pursuing goals and progress does not come without risks. Data analytics can provide your team with a clear picture of the inherent and potential risks of every decision, equipping you to minimize risks and maximize progress.

    So, you want your business to make better decisions, manage risks more effectively, and boost overall efficiency. Using data analytics is non-negotiable because it can help you achieve all of those goals and much more. Consider the information and advice above, and keep learning as much as possible about how your organization can use data analytics to your advantage!

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