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    Added on 21 March

    3 Proven Tips on How to Leverage your Branding Potential with Custom Stickers

    21 March

    Are you just starting out? Or do you run a small business? Then you might think that you cannot live up to your true branding potential because you have a limited budget.

    But think again. This blog post will introduce you to a true marketing powerhouse that is surprisingly low-cost: Custom stickers.

    Custom stickers are a great way to promote and strengthen your brand. With them, you can create a unique and memorable visual identity for your business that will stand out from the competition.

    And how can you go about this? We have collected three ways you can leverage your branding potential with custom stickers. Read on.

    1. Create pre-purchase familiarity with logo stickers

    Logo stickers seem almost too obvious. But they are so effective. We are not simply talking about sticking them to your products. Instead, you can use them to create brand awareness.

    If consumers are exposed to your brand logo often enough, they will start to remember it. When it is then time to make a purchase, your business will be at the forefront of their minds, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

    To achieve this, place your stickers in strategic locations. These include your product packaging but are not exclusive to that. think about your store windows and high-traffic areas as well.

    2. Use effect stickers to evoke product scarcity

    But there is more to stickers. You can use them to not only brand your entire product range but to highlight a specific promotion, like a limited edition campaign.

    A limited edition sticker can install a sense of scarcity around your products: If customers believe that a product is in short supply, the product appears more desirable. This can increase your revenue, as consumers want to buy your product before it is too late.

    Choose an effect material to draw attention to your campaign. A holographic vinyl sticker can do wonders without exceeding your budget.

    3. Tap into the reciprocity principle

    The reciprocity principle is a concept rooted in social psychology. It states that we feel indebted to somebody who did us a favor or gave us a gift, leading to the desire to return the favor.

    You can use this principle to your advantage by handing out free custom vinyl stickers. These stickers will not be perceived as another advertising tool, but we tend to see them as gifts.

    This means that consumers will then feel "indebted" to you, increasing the likelihood of a purchase, a positive review, or word-of-mouth advertising in your favor.

    You see that custom stickers are a great way to promote and strengthen your brand. So get your hands on some stunning stickers and get started. What is the first thing you will be doing with your new stickers? Let us know in the comments.


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