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    Added on 03 March 2022

    How Your Small Business Can Thrive in 2022

    03 March 2022

    If your small business is like many others, you're still scrambling to find some rhythm in the aftershock of the pandemic. And depending on where you live, you might be dealing with restrictions and other challenges that make it difficult to flourish.

    But that doesn't mean your company cannot stay afloat and even grow this year, especially as we attempt to get back to a new normal. Consumers still need solutions to their problems, and their needs to be filled. And your business can take steps to accomplish that for your target market.

    Below, Zumvu has provided a practical guide to how a small business can flourish in 2022. We'll discuss technology, digital marketing, and more. Let's dive in!

    Invest in Tech

    Nearly every type of business relies on technology at one level or another. If you want to get ahead and put your company in a position to grow this year, make sure you are using all the tech at your disposal.

    Use Automation      

    As a small business, you may have to operate with a limited number of employees. Fortunately, comprehensive automation technology on the market can help you accomplish many tasks that once required people.

    Automation consists of systems that operate with little to no human assistance, and it can make your operations much more efficient without requiring you to hire out specific responsibilities. From accounting and tax preparation to social media marketing and customer service, look into all the tools available to help you succeed.

    Delegate to Freelancers

    You still need people for certain aspects of your business operations. But that doesn't mean you have to go straight to hiring full-time employees when you need to cover your bases. Forbes notes that, thanks to technology, you can find qualified freelancers for almost any task or project at hand. Here are a few types of professionals who can help:

    • Virtual assistant
    • Virtual receptionist
    • Content writer
    • Social media manager
    • Accountant
    • Consultant

    Get the Necessary Communication Tools      

    If you plan to work with freelancers, you must ensure that you have any communication tools necessary to run a tight ship. For example, you will likely use video chat apps or conferencing software to conduct meetings. If you are working with a remote team, you will need to use project management software and collaboration apps to keep everyone on the same page and productive.

    Few things are more important than collaboration. And that goes for distributed and in-office teams. But when you have remote workers on your team, you need to pay special attention to improving your collaboration efforts. Organize your project with a process map, which allows you to analyze the processes and outcomes of projects.

    Double Down on Digital Marketing      

    Having a great product or service is not enough to succeed in 2022. You have to let people know about your offering in impactful ways.

    Revisit Your Branding      

    Now could be an excellent time to evaluate your company's branding and make updates. For example, is your logo outdated, or could it use a modern tweak? Do the typography and colors on your marketing materials stand out among the competition and reflect what your business offers? Think about how you can modify your branding to reach your target audience.

    Spruce Up Your Website

    Once you are happy with your branding, look at your website. Could it use a refresh as well? As the central hub of your digital marketing efforts, your site should provide users with a top-notch experience. It should have an eye-catching design, easy navigation, fast-loading pages, and high-quality content.

    Many website builders fit a range of budgets. But if you have no experience with web design and development, you might consider hiring a professional to improve your site.

    Grow Your Social Presence

    There are many different types of digital marketing, but none are more effective than social media. Make sure you post regular content across all platforms and engage users through chat and comments. Along with promoting your products or services, you can use social media to expand your reach and up your customer service game.

    Use Email Marketing

    Email marketing is another solid digital marketing channel. If you are unsure how to create impactful email campaigns to promote events, new products, and thank customers, then find a professional who does. If you have experience and simply need to save time, look into the various email marketing tools available.

    Take Care of Your Team    

    No business can succeed without a productive and happy team. Here are a few tips for retaining and attracting top talent:

    Provide Flexible Scheduling    

    If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that not every employee needs to be in the office every day. Due to restrictions and health concerns, companies across virtually every industry had to figure out how to maintain operations with their offices closed or allowing limited capacity.

    Thus, remote work and hybrid schedules became the norm. Open Sourced Workplace explains there are many different hybrid models proven to help businesses thrive during the pandemic, such as:

    • Remote-first
    • Office-first
    • Pick-and-choose
    • Split-week

    If you have not yet tried a hybrid model, research the various schedules to determine what works best for your team.

    Reevaluate Employee Benefits

    Gen-Zers and millennials expect different job benefits than older generations. Make sure your company is not losing ground to your competitors by being an unattractive place to work. Along with the typical financial benefits, look for fun ways to encourage your team's health, wellness, and quality of life.

    Ask for Feedback

    If you want to know how your company is doing regarding employee satisfaction and team morale, there is no better way to find out than asking them. Send out a company-wide survey, ask your employees in person, hold regular check-in meetings with your team, and find other ways to get feedback to determine how you can improve.

    Thank Your Customers  

    Finally, customers are the lifeblood of a business, and keeping your customers happy is the most critical task ahead of you. Along with finding ways to improve your customer service at every level, take opportunities to show your customers you value them.

    Send sincere thank you messages through handwritten letters, email, and social media. Create a stellar loyalty program. And offer rewards and discounts for your long-time customers.


    As long as you plan and prepare a strategy for your company, there is no reason you can't flourish in 2022. Consider the information and advice above as you look for ways to make positive changes to your operations and team. Above all, remember to stay true to your mission as you adapt to an ever-evolving business landscape.

    With Zumvu, all your marketing, sales, lead generation, scheduling, automation and customer management tools are integrated into one platform for greater results. Contact us today for more info!

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