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    Added on 23 August 2021

    What is Customer Support in BPO?

    23 August 2021

    Customer support refers to the service of helping customers by using customer service techniques. Although, customer support and service are not similar.

    The modern customer support is a professional help that is provided timely while understanding the customers’ need before interacting with them. The contact centre services teams in most of the BPOs study and tap the point of concerns of the customers. The professionals, there, assess it way before communicating with them so that they can locally answer of what they are likely to ask and satisfy them completely.

    They provide contact center solutions as the face of the company, offering sales and word-of-mouth marketing. Their role is crucial. Together with sitting in the backend and dialing numbers for addressing customers requests, they stand in the frontline when the company needs discussion over strategy or decision-making. It is simply because they know what customers prefer, what delights them and what challenges are interfering with excellent CX.    

    Simply say, today’s customer support is emerging as the lifeblood of the company, which serves from onboarding customers to assisting in their strategy-making.

    What is the role of customer support?

    As aforesaid, its role is critical and empowering in view of sales and marketing.

    • Instead of working as a cost center, it is the frontrunner of the company that can convince people to turn into customers with word-of-mouth marketing.
    • It’s a self-service that is run by skilled and professional people who can easily resolve more complex matters and requests from customers.
    • It is available round-the-clock because of having chat bots, knowledge-based documents, emailing and social media channels in addition to phone calls.
    • Together with customer support, it works side-by-side with in-house teams to ensure feasible strategy-making for the company that is possible by improving CX.
    • It provides dozens of opportunities that take to growth and development, as omnichannel support is provided through emails, social media and automatic chat bots etc. that can reach customers 24X7.
    • Different skilled people find a great scope to get a handsome payout and growth over years.
    • Its overall role is to provide a company-wide support in achieving its vision, branding or any other goals.

    It means that these customer support providers are the real problem solvers and decision makers who are able to promote sales, resolve tech queries and contribute to customer winning.

    How does a good customer support benefit businesses?

    • Empower with right tools

    The possibilities are all around, which support operations attract via gmails, chatbots and phone calls. Relying on just your mailbox and social chats may or may not prove a productive idea. You can rather trust a dedicate software or application for enabling your team to deliver excellent support anytime.

    Such kind of tools comes with in-built features of shared inboxes, built-in help centers, saved replies, automated workflows, duplicate reply prevention, and customer relationship data. All of these features can deliver a personalised experience in no time with expertise.

    • With a knowledge base

    Delivering an excellent support is really hard. With a knowledge base, it becomes easier to answer customers. You need to create it and put it in FAQs as solutions so that half of the battle can be won through it. Integrate How-to write-ups or tutorials so that they can self-dependently solve common issues.  

    Make sure that your customers can find it in no time. Put them at the very point where the problem may start from. Here again, you need to look up the analytics tool to find those points. Serve them through live chats and social media.

    • Hire learners

    Customers need support executives to be attentive & soft spoken. An ability to clearly communicate and empathy can help them to connect effortlessly. Above these all is a willingness to learn.

    The ones who are willing to get deep with troubling areas can take your company to a long way. Such people should be an active listener also. The learning nature can help them to solve matter even if it is outside of their domain.

    These kinds of professionals can be there on your side only when you pay an attractive package and sell the dream of growth and unlimited possibilities to reach the top level.

    • Automation is essential, but personalized support comes first

    Automation eliminates hard work and promotes smart tasking. There is no need to spend hours on repetitive manual tasks and get short of energies.  AI tools are there to quickly understand the query and instantly reply to simple and common queries.

    But, they can also do a blunder when any rare and complex problem comes their way. They may misunderstand the query and respond incorrectly. It is where you need exclusive human skills because it leads to a personalised touch.   In such cases, any generic responses won’t do any good.

    So, you should monitor queries through experts so that they can timely respond and win the trust of customers.

    • Use data-driven solutions to improve

    There are certain common questions that customers come with over and over. However, their solutions are easy. But, they have to wait for the response from the support team. At this time, the support team can proactively take a stand and direct struggling customers to preset How-to tutorials and step-by-step guides.

    Such ideas can resolve issues in no time and customer won’t need to continually reach out for support.  This is why there are leaders in the support team for guiding company to prepare time-saving strategies for maximising profit.


    Customer support is a robust support to a company that helps it to win customers’ trust through personalised responses for their queries. Its services and contributions are great for any BPO company that wants to maximise the number of loyal customers and reputation in the market through a great support.

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