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    If you need help understanding Inbound Marketing, join Socaillyin and take advantage of Rule # 3 of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.
    • Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition #3 | Take Advantage Of It
    Added on 01 June 2019

    Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition #3 | Take Advantage Of It

    01 June 2019


    Are you looking for tips and tricks to uplift your business growth? Look no more! These epic Ferengi rules of acquisition are the lifeline for any businessperson.

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    What are Ferengi rules of acquisition?

    The Ferengi rules of acquisition were a series of guidelines, concepts, and principles that founded business philosophy in Ferengi culture. Although, made up by a fictional wise in a fictional movie, namely, "Star Trek," these rules are very crucial to the real business.

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    History of Ferengi Rules of acquisition

    These golden rules were initially written by Gint, the first Grand Nagus of the Ferengi people. However, calling these tips as rules is merely a marketing ploy. They are more like suggestions. Although Gint didn't write all 285 rules, at least 239 were written by him. Later, Nagus Zek rewrote them to make them more humane.

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    How the Ferengi rules of acquisition work?

    Although they may seem somewhat aloof and selfish, the rules are great for flourishing businesses. Rule 3 says, "Never spend more on an acquisition then you have to." Initially may seem obvious but people tend to go around making expensive purchases even though cheaper, quality options are present. Another rule, no, 16 says, "A deal is a deal...until a better one comes along," meaning we shouldn't be stuck with the same people in business but look out for better and more significant opportunities.

    The rules also state things such as, "Peace is good for business," but contradictory state phrases like, "War is good for business." This means that it's good to have peace in business, but competition is still high.  Hence, in this rule, war signifies competition. The rules also tell people to invest early to reap most interest. They also ask us to take more risks for better profit. To make a deal, always inspect the merchandise. Many rules are good, but some rules are questionable, yet easily overcome by the good ones. Visit our website for more information on the rules.

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    Why use Ferengi rules of acquisition?

    Although, the rules are just guidelines that you don't necessarily have to follow they make business more fun and very much more successful. Everyone looks for the best return on investment when it comes to market; the power of inbound marketing is immense. Blogging, SEO and content promotion drive the highest ROI. Hence, more blogging drives more positive ROI. Inbound leads are cheaper and better. As the rules say, "Only fools pay retail."

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