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Added on 09 August 2021
Steam is nothing but a platform for PC gamers, which is known by almost every computer owner interested in virtual gaming. Unfortunately, the prices of PC games are not the lowest, so many people make purchases only on promotions. For the next three days anyone interested can try games on Steam for free. Valve decided to redesign the game download page. In the latest beta version of the platform client, these changes are already available and you can try them out. The new Steam game download page can be seen in the screenshot below. The biggest changes can be seen in the header. The download information has been moved to the right side. On the other hand, you can see the title graphic on the left. Details about disk usage have also been exposed better. These changes can be found in the current beta version of the Steam client. Besides, it is possible to drag titles in the download list up and down. You can also quickly clear all items that have been previously downloaded. This is possible with a special button. On Steam there is never a shortage of interesting promotions, a perfect proof of which is the fact that once again I was able to select as many as 40 special offers that are hard to pass by indifferently. As you can easily guess, a list of the latest promotions from Steam. Free steam keys

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