Beijing Ultrasonic

  • Baojia Road, Tongzhou District
Beijing Ultrasonic is a leading ultrasonic products manufacturer, providing ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic generators, ultrasonic transducers and piezoceramics
  • Ultrasonic products manufacturer
  • Baojia Road, Tongzhou District
Added on 02 September 2018
Piezoelectric Ceramics | Piezo ceramics bjultrasonic.com Piezoelectric ceramics (piezoceramics), such as piezoceramic ring, piezoceramic disc, piezoceramic tube, piezoceramic ball/hemisphere, piezoceramic cylinder and...


Beijing Ultrasonic is now one of the major global suppliers of industrial ultrasonic technologies. The company serves the semiconductor, medical, electronics, aerospace, automotive, off-road, and many More
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