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Mackenzie has secrets that keep her from staying in one place too long and a desire for a place she can call home. Rook is a charismatic guy with two jobs that
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Added on 02 December 2021
Since the beginning of time history has been re-written over and over again.

Our knowledge of the information is accountable to the beliefs of those who’ve taught us.
Now we’re in an age where blockchain technology gives us the ability to send encrypted messages that can’t be re-written... the only negative, it can be viewed by anyone.
RetroPhones have taken it to another dimension, enabling information to be secret for the rest of time. Owning a RetroPhones NFT is like having your very own safe deposit box for written content that can only be distributed to another RetroPhones holder as an unalterable historical document.

It can’t be changed, it can’t be deleted and it can only be seen by the sender & recipient who holds the PIN.

An unalterable accounting system, an indestructible record, and a truly authentic method of encryption, RETROPHONES.



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