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    • Here We Are One of The Top Interior Designers in Udaipur
    Added on 27 March 2019

    Interior Design with best architect Udaipur

    27 March 2019

    Yes, you might have a great eye for design but it's called a BUSINESS for nothing. There is a huge difference between being able to make your own home look great and then starting a successful interior design business.

    Want to know how to do it? Read on...

    If the entrance to your home makes a good enough impression, you’ve won half the battle already. So, get working on the porch, the door, and the foyer leading up to the living room.

    • Remove all unnecessary items from these areas and replace the doormat
    • Invest in a good coat rack and shoe tidy to put away bags and shoes
    • Hang up some fairy lights and decorative streamers on the porch and in the foyer. Even some tasteful artwork would really light up space.
    • If you’ve got a side table to collect the keys, keep a vase with fresh flowers on it
    • Some artwork will also light up the place beautifully
    • Upgrade your outdoor furniture if possible and store your garden implements away in a discreet looking cabinet.

    If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your guests, let your collection of tableware do the talking. Pick up select pieces of plates, bowls, cups, and glasses to serve your guests in style.

    Don’t forget to clean the bathroom. Remove all unwanted toiletries, clean the tiles, scrub down the faucets, and wipe the mirrors a clean. Arrange the toiletries properly, place a reed diffuser to get rid of the smell, and you’ll have a clean, presentable looking bathroom.

    Organize your kitchen too. Get rid of old spices and stale produce. Bring in cane baskets to keep your fruits and vegetables and give the kitchen counter a thorough rub down. 

    Clean the ceilings. Vacuum the corners, dust the cobwebs, and clear the dirt out. Hang up some streamers to give the place a festive vibe.

    Go shopping for some vibrant drapes in festive colors, if you have the time. Otherwise, just treat your existing drapes to a nice deep cleaning session at the dry cleaners.

    Now, take a step back and admire the fruit of your hard work. Your home looks clean and ready to entertain. Everything that was an eyesore has been trashed and replaced with something suitable for the festive occasion. All that remains is for you to bring in your favorite sweets and savories, complemented by your favorite drinks. And then, let the celebrations begin!


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