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Australia is one of the dream place for many of the skilled professionals who are looking forward to move abroad.
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Added on 13 December 2019

All you need to learn about Australia PR

13 December 2019

Australia, being the most elegant and glorious living destination. Most of the people aspire to experience this wonderful country by acquiring a permanent residency Visa. If you also want to enjoy the world-class country, Australia, then this article will help to understand more about Australia PR.

The Government of Australia allows interested immigrants to come and contribute towards the progress of the Australian economy. Applicants can stay for up to 5 years on an Australia permanent residency visa. You can also move to Australia along with your family members by the Australia Sponsorship program.

Firstly, you should be kept in mind that an overall 65 immigration points needed to gain the chances to obtain an Australia PR visa. There are certain factors that taken into consideration while you apply for any kind of Australia PR visa. Some of them are listed in the following points:

  • Age: A desirable applicant must be under 45 years of age while applying for any Subclass type of Australia PR visa. If your age is lying between 25-32, then you will be awarded the highest 30 immigration points on the level of your age. If not, the points will be assigned as per the Australian designed norms.
  • Education: The Australian immigration authority allowing such aspirants who have fulfilled the education qualifications criteria. A minimum bachelor’s degree will be required to apply for Australia PR.
  • Work Experience: The work experience factor will help you to raise your total immigration points. With having 8 years or above work experience in your respective fields, you can gain 15 points in your overall immigration points.
  • English Language Ability: Australia has given entry to applicants who are proficient in their English language, which implies that 7 bands in IELTS in each module of reading, writing, speaking and listening can take granted for Australia PR.
  • Skill Assessment: Before you going to take Australia PR, it is necessary to go through a skill assessment test conducted by Australia immigration officials. Candidates should obtain a positive skill assessment for getting Australia PR.
  • Other Requirement: In includes factors like character and health requirements. Aspirants must have to prove that they are good at their health and character.
  • Partner Qualifications: The partner qualification has been introduced from 16th November 2019. Under this, the applicants will be awarded 10 points if their partner is aged under 45 years, is competent in English, your partner is an applicant of the same subclass as yours and being nominated a suitably skilled occupation and obtaining a positive skill assessment. There is assigning other points also if your partners fulfilled the eligibility criteria as set up by the Australian Government.

To check if you have obtained they required point or not, you can use Australia PR point calculator 2019.

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