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Added on 10 June

5 Gorgeous Lighting Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding Venue

10 June

Even if you have picked the most beautiful venue for your wedding, but you don't have the right lighting, it will be ruined. Even if you are getting married during the day, you should still pay attention to lighting because it will not only create a different mood but it will also come in handy if there is an overcast or your ceremony carries into the evening.

Vintage Lighting

There is nothing better for making your wedding have that vintage vibe than amazing glass chandeliers. However, when it comes to installing chandeliers in an outdoor venue, it can be tricky, but not impossible though, you just need to be creative. Depending on what vibe you are going for, you can go for a classy vintage look with chandeliers or for a more fun feel and choose to work with lava lamps or Rota Flex lamp shades. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more 70’s theme that incorporates orange, brown as well as yellow lampshades that will be different geometric shapes and patterns.

Romantic Lighting

What better time to have romantic lighting than at the ultimate romantic occasion? There is nothing that will add romance than soft cozy lighting. Choose lights such as warm toned lanterns to complete the vibe of your wedding. The best way to incorporate lanterns into your decor is by wiring them into your floral arrangements. Just make sure that you aren't creating a fire hazard just for the sake of aesthetics.  

Modern Lighting

If you are thinking about having a more modern wedding, nothing can help you get that feeling like coloured moon lighting in combination with minimalistic and neutral decor. Most people will light up the whole venue in one color and then change the colour through the stages of the wedding to make it more dramatic. Some of the most popular colour combinations are orange for the reception, calming colours such as greens and blues for the dinner, something vibrating for cake cutting and velvet purple for your first dance. Another great idea if you want to go with an eco-friendlier way while still having that classy modern look is by incorporating beautiful solar lighting towers. Another fun way is to light up the tables from underneath. It is such a simple thing but it will make your outdoor wedding have that modern vibe you are looking for.

Candle Lighting

For those who are looking for a mellow and warm vibe, there is nothing that will make your outdoor wedding more breathtaking than decorating with candles. There are so many amazing candles you can choose from, but make sure that you include some citronella candles so that you keep all the bugs away. If you want to step it up you can incorporate long poles or flaming touches to bring in some dramatic effect to your wedding. They look best at the entrance to your venue.

White Twinkle Lights

If you are having a more woodland magical theme, the best thing to pick is twinkly lights. Luckily there are so many different types that you can choose from that will perfectly fit your budget as well as theme. They are ideal for decorating walls, backdrops, aisles as well as decorating the whole tent. You can choose cute string mini lights that you can intertwine with flowers and hang them as a romantic backdrop for your vows or as a place where people can take pictures. When it comes to string lights you can do so many things such as lining the pathways with them, wrapping them around trees as well as creating a focal point.  

Another great thing that you can play around with are wide-angled LED lights that will hang off the edge of the table where the cake is or where the gifts are. You can also use them to accent the dancefloor.

If you still want to go with cute fairy lights but the regular ones are too plain for you don't worry. There are so many different options and types of fairy lights that you can choose from, such as lighted branches or flower lights. They are great because they can be nested in any shrub that you find and it will make it look magical. You can also create your own decor by filling mason jars with them and putting them on the tables. When it comes to fairy lights you simply can't make a wrong decision.

Keep in mind that some venues will have restrictions even though they are outdoors. That is why before committing to any type of lighting, you need to ensure that they will support it and that there is enough power and outlets to make your wedding glow as you want it to.

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